Monday, July 13, 2009

Bullets Are Called For

  • I tore the homeschool room up last week so that we could rearrange. I got all the furniture in place and I really like it. I am not a fan of having things in the same place for a whole 'nother year. HOWEVER, now I am left with my not-so-favorite part of sorting through stuff and piles and crap.

Oops. Little Bit just fell off the couch while inside the laundry basket. She's OK. I imparted motherly words of wisdom, "Laundry baskets are for clothes, not people."

  • Where was I? Oh yes. So I spent the weekend Googling images with "homeschool room" "homeschool space" "homeschool organizing" etc. There are WAY more pictures online now than there were a few years ago. And here is what I learned: Shelves make or break a room. I saw some of the most horribly over-loaded shelves and they just ruined the whole space. I know we need these things as homeschoolers, but yikes! So, nerd that I am, I have begun a Word document with a 6X5 table in it to plan what will go in each little cubby of our shelves. I am getting rid of a LOT of stuff too.

  • I bought fabric for the bedspreads in the girls' new room!!! This means I can choose a paint color and actually START the room makeover!!! I am so excited! I still have to get batting and muslin for the back of the bedspreads, but the fabric for both beds was only $26. I thought that was pretty good.

  • The toy room is done for now, but I have to admit I shoved 2 laundry baskets of "stuff" in the closet. Those need to be dealt with this week and probably will result in many trash sacks going out the door. A lot of it is just little pieces that go in other baskets. It drives me crazy. I am so good at doing the big stuff, but when it gets down to the last little bits I just lose all interest.

  • So yes. I have torn up 2 rooms of the house and not finished either one.

  • We are having a Read-A-Thon today. We will throw blankets, pillows, cushions and such on the floor and read until we are blue in the face. I am such a great mom.

OK fine. It's because we checked out our usual allotment of library books last week and I have YET to take them out of the trunk of the car. And they are due tomorrow. Thus....a Read-A-Thon!!!!!

Hope you all have a great start to your week!


  1. Falling off the couch while in a laundry basket. Something my siblings and I did all the time. And "laundry baskets are for clothes, not people" is exactly what my weathered and wearied mother would have said.
    I love your Read-a-thon!

  2. Mine likes to sleep in the laundry basket on top of all the clean clothes. The older two also put the baby in the basket and push him around the rooms like it's the Indy 500. It's all fun and games till they take a corner too quickly and out he goes. : )

    I am re-doing my rooms too! What is it about the summer that makes you want to re-do everything? Oh wait, it's our ridiculous heat, that's right! : O

  3. The laundry basket bit cracked me up!! Even though you are writing about your homeschool room, these are great points for a lot of other rooms as well! I'm looking forward to pics!

  4. HA! Very funny.

    You're totally right about the shelves.

  5. Laundry baskets are the funnest toys ever! Especially when you have tile floors. My kids love to push each other in them!

    And I am patiently waiting for pics too. :0)

    Oh, and your label for "simplifying" is spelled wrong. Sorry, I can't help telling you. I would want you to tell me!

  6. My pics? Because you'll have to keep waiting. No camera yet. :(
    And sadly, I knew the label was wrong and just haven't corrected it. How lazy is that? Is it making you twitch yet? :)

    And also.....WHO else reads labels???

  7. I feel that reading labels show TRUE devotion to a blog! I probably woundnt change it either!

    Love the basket story... remember doing the Indy thing when I was a kid!

    I tend to do better under pressure... maybe you did the two rooms at one time so you would HAVE to finish something???? Here's to all the small stuff.... wait isnt there some old wise proverb that says DONT sweat the small stuff! I mean who cares if all of the Polly shoes arent with polly... I mean she can go shoe less right!

  8. Oh no. She cannot. I MUST get all the little toy pieces in the right place.


    Breathe in. Breathe out.


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