Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Month of the House is Crashing Fast!!!!

I said July would be about the house. August is for planning school.

It all seemed so simple.

Well, I have rearranged 3 of the rooms in this house. I have purchased the fabric to sew bedspreads for the girls' beds. There are not that many more days in the month and I still want to:

1.Paint the girls' room. This will happen on Friday as sister is coming over to help. Oh the logistics of doing this. Dressers in the hallway. Girls sleeping in the playroom floor. Everything torn up for 3-4 days. YIKES! Oh and I should probably choose a paint color before then.

2. I'm not painting the playroom right now because it's fine. Really. Who even sees the walls with all that crap in there anyway?

3. Clean out the playroom closet. Remember those laundry baskets of toys I need to go through that I shoved in the closet? The Organizing Fairy has not paid my home a visit and they are still sitting there. The nerve.

4. Sew bedspreads for the girls' room.

5. Decorate the girls' room. Hang stuff on walls. Hang curtains. Get a rug that matches. In my spare time.

6. Finish the homeschool room. The shelves are looking great but the table is....well....not visible at the moment. And there are stacks all over the floor. I've got lots of stuff to get rid of and no idea where to send it. Anyone need some homeschool stuff?

7. Plus there is a bit of decorating to do in there. The girls' chairs need to be painted. At LEAST I need to put cushions on the seats. Little Bit needs a really big cushion so she can see over the table at least. If I had unlimited funds, I'd get one of these chairs. But she's probably going to have to settle for 2 foam cushions stacked and covered in fabric remnants. And I have a chair project for myself too.

8. And I'd really, really like to clean up the laundry room and sewing room before school starts.

I know I don't HAVE to get all of this done. But, but, but.....I really want it done. I'm really fun before we go out of town too, trying to make sure every last little thing is done. I never do, by the way. But I drive everyone crazy trying.

Little Bit is VERY ready for Kindergarten to start. She spends her spare time writing and drawing in notebooks. She has, on her own, sounded out all kinds of words this week. Sunday she wrote:


Pretty good, huh? Just imagine what she'll be able to do with, you know, instruction. Because please remember this is the child who refused to do any school work for the better part of last year. Not sure I'm ready for this one.

I will be back later with pictures of the progress over here. I'll borrow my dad's camera just so I can show you all the wonderful things going on. Perhaps that will motivate me to finish off the month of the house?

We'll see....


  1. Didn't you clean the laundry and sewing room last year? From my recollection, it all went to pot anyway, so really...what is the point?



  2. I love that I'm not the only one who puts way too much on my plate for a set amount of time! Whew girl, I hope you get all that stuff done in time. I love the whole "not painting the playroom cause who can see the walls with all that crap in there" Ha - you had me cracking up !!! Take a deep breath and try to relax. One thing at a time and maybe you can get it all done in time.
    Hey - are you putting your mom and dad to work? Or just sis?
    I'd be all like, hmmm ... if you want to see your grandchildren happy, maybe you could help out some, huh???? You wouldn't want to see your granddaughters sad would you mom? Ha-ha!

  3. Thank you Kathy. I will continue closing the door. :)

    G--my dad said he would come help prime the room on Thursday so that's good. Mom has been fabric shopping with me. Other than that, I think I'll just send the girls down there for a while so I can get busy, you know?

  4. I am on the same type of a mission, and hitting the same hurdles. I need more hours in each day (preferably ones where the kids are sleeping) and more days in each week!

  5. I am having the month of the house also. I havn't made quite as much progress as you. Sigh.

    Hey, Can you please keep our family in your prayers. We are trying to get our children home from Ethiopia and have encountered some snags. Prayers are greaty appreciated.

    Thanks so much,

  6. Hi Brenda! I've missed reading your blog! That's what happens when my internet connection is as slow as molasses in the snow (:
    It's said that great minds think alike; mine must somehow fit in there also... I'm trying to organize this home sweet home too! All in the month of July... so that I can be ready for school to start in August (:
    Be encouraged! God is able to walk with you through this, too (even if you can't walk down your hallway (: )


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)