Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Changing Faces of the Parties

Our digital camera died. I know I've already whined about that to you, but that isn't the point of this post.

The point is, I needed to get some pics off the memory stick and while doing that, I found a smaller memory stick that originally came with the camera. And there were pictures on it!

Turns out it was Sweetheart's 6th birthday party. She looks so little to me.

Am I a master party planner or what? Look at that ladybug game Mama came up with. Pin the spot on the ladybug. I think it was Sweetheart's idea and she couldn't have been more delighted. Sharpie, red posterboard and black construc.....well, I won't give away all my wonderful party secrets.

Really, our birthday parties have fallen into a formula around here. There is cake and presents and decorations of course. There is a collection of whatever (Wiggles, dogs, Curious George.....) on the fireplace. There is the ever-present HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner. There is a pin the tail on something game. There is a craft. The kiddos have been really easy to please so far.

Plus we haven't had a friend party all out bash in a long time. See, we have built-in party guests in the form of cousins. Plus when you get all the family over here there isn't much room. But Little Bit might need a friend party this year. She's never had one. But then she doesn't need a lot of gifts either seeing as how I'm just now hacking the path through the toy room and getting rid of things right and left. That's another topic.

But back to those birthday guests. They have changed a bit over the years.

Look at the bald babies!!!
Look at Little Bit's chicken hair here at her 2nd birthday. I don't know what was up that day, (besides her hair) but I slicked it down 2 times before the party and it kept popping up. Can you see it?
Gnat, Sweetheart and a friend at her 7th party.
What a difference one year makes. These two are crazy.
Fast forward several years to Little Bit's 5 year old party. Now everyone has hair.
We might need to work on manners.
And I cannot believe that soon we will celebrate Little Bit's 6th birthday. Sigh.


  1. Sweet! Love the bald babies. Sleeping Beauty was like that too when she was little. Ah, the memories... :0)

  2. Did I miss the Fitness Friday assignment this week? Maybe I did...just wondering. Thanks!

  3. I love birthday parties! They are so much fun!
    Time consuming, but fun.


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