Sunday, July 5, 2009

Diary of a Room Makeover: Tweaking

OK--so I've been looking for fabric for the girls' bedspreads for the new room. I have to have fabric so I can pick the paint color. July has been named "The Month of All the Painting" as sister and I plan to paint 2 or 3 rooms this month. I can't paint until I find THE fabric. Not exactly sure what I'm looking for. The girls picked light green and royal blue. What do you do with that?

But we've made one teensy tiny little bitty change. We'll be decorating the OTHER room. Yep, we switched the rooms this weekend. It's a sickness. We have good reasons I promise. And it really didn't take me all that long to adjust the plan seeing as how I've made zero progress on said plan.

Have you ever seen someone write endlessly about something that HASN'T EVEN BEGUN TO HAPPEN? Proof I can talk about anything.

So, the girls are now in Sweetheart's old room, beds unbunked and very happy. The larger of the 2 rooms, Little Bit's old room, will be the play room. And golf club storage. And bookshelves will be in there. And a little TV/DVD combo area. It's a rec room, really, only minus the shag carpet and pool table.

I bet you just can't wait for a "Diary" post that shows actual decorating. Won't that be neat?


  1. It must be in the air, or maybe its all this heat down here cooping us up in the house making us stare at walls? We have way too many painting projects for one family.

    On the plus side, since I already ruined my hair, its a good time to paint, at least I wont be upset about the plops in my hair.

  2. At least you have good reasons. And why not shag carpet? Wouldn't that be fun to clean? No? Oh well.


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