Friday, July 17, 2009

What I Remember

My college roommate spent the night at my parent's house with me.

I woke up with a HUGE pimple arising on my chin. We iced it all day to keep it at bay.

My room was really clean because we had already moved my stuff to the apartment.

A lady from our church did my mom's hair, my mother-in-law's hair, S's Nanny's hair, all the bridesmaid's hair, and my hair for the wedding. She was busy that day.

S went fishing that day and I implored his friend's wife to make sure he wore sunscreen so he wouldn't look like a lobster in the pictures. All she had was Water Babies.

The lady doing the reception showed up on crutches and also with a wheelchair in tow. I had doubts.

My college roommate and I caught a glimpse of the groom's cake just before we started getting dressed. We hoped it wasn't finished. But it was.

The colors were teal and peach. I thought it was the most beautiful thing in the world.

I was kind of sad I couldn't have a bridesmaid dress. I loved them so much.

We got dressed in the 2 year old's Bible classroom.

The wedding wasn't at our church because our church was under renovation.

I had to pee after I got the dress on so my friends held the dress up while I perched on a 2 year old sized potty. There was much laughing. And there are pictures.

I sat on a little chair and spread the dress all around to keep it wrinkle free before it was time for me to go out. The hairdresser finished my hair and told her 3 year old, "Tell Miss Brenda bye and we'll see her in a minute!" Her 3 year old then proceeded to walk across the front of my entire dress to come hug me. No one could even get a word out in time, but she didn't leave any muddy footprints on it. Whew!

I remember thinking that I was missing the whole wedding. So much happened before it was my turn to go in.

Finally, as I was waiting in the foyer for my cue, I caught two friends coming in late. They were kind of embarrassed.

My mom had told me that our preacher had gotten something in his eye while mowing that day. I tried to figure out which eye it was the whole time he was talking.

I don't remember very much of what he said.

We lit the unity candle and then forgot to blow out the individual ones. Can you say Unclear on the Concept?

Anyway, it was 16 years ago and I still love talking about that day.

The day I married my best friend. The day God chose to bless me with this man for my husband.


  1. What fun memories!! Congratulations on 16 years!!

  2. Oh man! I thought we were gonna get to see the potty picture! ;)

    BEAUTIFUL picture, Brenda! LOVED reading your memories of your most important day!

    Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!! :)

  3. Happy Anniversary! l hope you all have a great time today celebrating ! No potty pictures ....... that would have been funny!
    Congratulations !

  4. HA! My sister in law, who was the flower girl and was about six I think, ran across my dress with purple punch in her hand...

    She also forgot to throw the autumn leaves in her basket on the floor she was so nervous.

    The best man left the rings in his truck, and had to communicate that to the man giving me away, who had to communicate that to someone else, who had to get the keys from the best man without everyone knowing and get the rings from the truck. The rings exchanged many hands.

    LOL and we were worried about my five year old brother in law having the rings (that's why we'd given him a Bible to carry instead and called him the "Bible Bearer" instead of the ring bearer...HA!

    Me and the girls did our own hair and makeup because we couldn't afford to get it done professionally, but it still worked out pretty good.

    I chose to do an Australian tradition which was to have me and the girls get ready at the house and then drive to the church fully dressed in the car...which worked out great except that it was raining and the parking lot was mud.

    Wal-Mart desecrated my cake, but we found out about it the night before at the rehearsal so I took it back to Wal-Mart in tears at 10 pm telling them they'd better have me a cake with PURPLE roses by morning, which is what I had asked for, and there had better NOT be any BLUE stuff left on the cake. I think they had to make a whole new cake.

  5. Happy Anniversary Brenda! Your dress and hair were beautiful!!! What fun memories!!

  6. Happy Anniversary!

    I got a chuckle out of some of your memories. Oddly enough, we just celebrated our 16th anniversary last week on the 10th. And also had peach and teal as the colors. Guess it was the era.

    May you have many more happy years together!


  7. what a nice way to recall sweet memories

  8. Oh man. I think we had the same dress! I got married 16 years ago too and that looks exactly like my dress! Did it have a keyhole back???


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