Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm So Inspired I Almost Can't Stand Myself


Thank you so much for all the compliments on how much I seem to have gotten done in January. Here is where I should keep it real and show you some pictures of various other areas of my house and life but I don't want to sear that on your memory. It's not pretty.
For example, we rearranged our bedroom a few months ago. It was awesome because we had it the same way for nearly 2 years and that is some sort of record for people like me who were born to rearrange.

I did notice that I was putting the bed under a window which is very bad Feng Shui. Not that I believe in that stuff. Well, I didn't notice our positive energy flying out of the room or anything, but I did notice that we were FREEZING TO DEATH under that window. So, I started to rearrange last week, but it wasn't working. And then I noticed the walls really, really needed to be painted. And then I stopped and tried to convince husband he needed to spend his weekend painting with his lovely wife.

Yeah. It's still half-rearranged and not painted. But he did do pretty well on the golf course, so there's always that...

HOWEVER...I did receieve the best link ever from a good e-friend of mine. The link is to The Nesting Place and her little blog has inspired me to do a great many things. Well, the e-friend inspired me first, but then I found out she was getting some of her inspiration from Nester so....I'll give dual credit where dual credit is due.
It's made me do some things I've been putting off for oh, say 2 years.

Finally hung pictures in the foyer. Entryway? OK, we call it "front hallway" (as opposed to "carpet hallway" where the bedrooms are located because my children get confused easily). Here's the transformation for you:

Above is the wallpaper (and light fixture) when we moved in. Then we painted the walls and stripped off the wallpaper. I'm not going to tell you how long it stayed just like this:
And now? All done!

Well, except the "E." Over a year ago I bought this golden E.
I didn't like the gold but figured I would paint it and hang it in the center of that entryway amongst all the pictures. AND...yesterday I did. But I broke it while hanging it up. So we drove to Hobby Lobby to get another one. We found the golden letters and looked up to see: A....B....C....D.............F. Man! No more E's. It just goes to show you shouldn't wait to do something wonderful. There is no perfect time--just do it! I'm so happy I got these pictures hung up finally. How silly to live here all this time with a blank wall!

Also, I was looking through old pictures with my mom and noticed her old sewing machine cabinet in the background of one of the pictures. I remember that sewing machine and cabinet so well from my childhood. She used to sew in the living room. In the summers she sewed in the add-on room and moved to the dining room in the winter. I asked my mom if she still had that old cabinet and guess what? It was covered up in boxes in the add-on room. We took the old sewing machine out of the cabinet. Dad said you could use it for a boat anchor it's so heavy.

That left a hole where my machine will not fit. So handy husband fixed it up for me.

And now it has a new home. YEAH! It takes up less room and I don't have to clean off my sewing table everytime we want to use our camping table. Plus it was my mom's and Dad said it's been in many states. It was a floor model from Sears. How cool is that?

My machine won't store inside, but you can close the little door and that makes it look a little tidier.

Lastly I would like to share a picture of Sweetheart's playing yesterday. Here are the Playmobil people as set up by her.
Now for the backstory. The girl on the horse in the center of the circle? Well, they are all circled around her because she stole something and they just aren't going to let her get away with it!

See the frying pan in her hand? The other lady has a knife. They DO NOT put up with stealing, OK?

I'm concerned about the violence ya'll. :)


  1. What ARE you letting that girl watch on t.v.?
    Don't you just love their imaginations. Uh, minus the frying pans and knives?

    Okay, so you still got some more stuff done. I thought this post was gonna make me feel better that I am still stagnant when it comes to getting ANYTHING done, but alas, you are again more productive than me. That's not saying too much. A sloth is more productive than me these days. I'll blame it on the baby in utero.

    Hope you find another E!

  2. Don't you just love what active minds come up with? (:
    At least they weren't helping her thieve...
    I'm glad to know that I'm not the only person who procrastinates on hanging pictures. In fact, August came around and I thought to myself "Well, we bought this house, so we are staying here. It's really silly to not put up the pictures..." By November we knew we were moving... (:

  3. That's quite an imagination she has :) And I love all the other projects you did too! Your sewing table and area is awesome!

  4. I love the picture wall, I am a big fan of picture walls, I love the "E" totally a nesting place thing to do! I have plans for somethign like that too!

    I love the sewing cabinet, I love that it fits in your spot, it is cute and it was your moms which is a total bonus!

    um and the play mobile...forget the violence! She gets total credit for creativity!

  5. So, you can't hot glue the E back together? HUH? I'm so proud of you, by the way.

  6. Oh no--I smashed it pretty good. AND...I couldn't exactly find all of it. I got a wooden one that might work.

  7. I can totally understand your excitement with your sewing machine. I currently have to keep mine in the closet and take it out every time I want to use it. I can't wait for my mother to stop using hers so I can get it. It's one of those standing sewing cabinets where the doors open and the sewing machine is screwed onto the inside and it lays out. It's awesome and it looks like an armoire when it's closed.
    As for the Indian girl with the frying pan....hmmmm.. has she seen this somewhere else??? This girl is serious about not stealing!!

  8. Just wondering if the weapons came in the hands of the people, or she added them herself...

    But it's a good thing they DO NOT put up with stealing. Because some mobs just love it to death.

    And I am so happy for you getting all that stuff done! Do you use the front door more often now just to see the loveliness? I would.

  9. Yeah...NO. The frying pan and knife did NOT come in their hands. They are from different sets. In fact, she told me, "The Indian lady doesn't know what this is(the frying pan), but she's going to hit her with it anyway."
    See? Violent.

  10. Priceless! That cracked me up!

    And if it were for anything less than an Old Testament crime punishable by stoning, I would side with you and say violent. But I just can't.

    It's too funny!

  11. That's just hilarious!!! (I like all your "fluffing" too, as my mother-in-law says. :)) Well, maybe Callie's rubbed off on her by know, the one who wants to eat spinach so she can punch people. Ha!! I love those kids!


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