Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Fresh Start

I am actually excited about school tomorrow! I have really enjoyed the curriculum we chose this year...except one thing: math.

When we started teaching our kiddos at home last school year, I stayed primarily with Abeka curriculum, because that is what Sweetheart had used at private school for the year and a half prior to coming home. She was comfortable with it, liked it, and it was working. It was still great last year in 2nd grade. This year I switched away from Abeka for all subjects except math.

So we've plodded on with our 3rd grade math book and it's been a struggle. I knew this was a possibility as I had heard that math really changes in the 3rd grade book. I think it was the pace more than anything that was killing us. We've shelved the book and picked it back up several times during the course of this school year and last week I told Sweetheart she could throw it away AND take a week off of math while we waited for our new materials to come in. She was quite agreeable to that arrangement! (although she did say she had really liked Abeka--and I had too. It's a good curriculum--except that pesky 3rd grade math--for us, anyway!)

I am very happy to report that tomorrow morning we will begin using Math U See in our homeschool. Thanks to the generosity of a few friends who loaned us teacher books and DVDs, we are set to go. I am very excited about this curriculum and that is why I am looking forward to school tomorrow.

Also, if you order materials in the middle of the year, you only have to wait a few days to get them in the mail. more reason not to stay on the traditional school calendar!

And I will admit that I am still stuck to that calendar in many ways. I very nearly made Sweetheart finish that math book before we could start something new next school year. Why??? Why not start something new in the middle of February? Why does Kindergarten have to wait until next August? Start Little Bit when she's ready! School does not have to begin in August and end in May. What a concept.

And I will say that I have learned more this year than I ever learned in school as a student! I love our history curriculum. I love our science curriculum. I love our Bible curriculum. I am really enjoying learning with the girls.

And now I'm ready to enjoy math too. *relieved sigh*

I think I'll be sharing a little more about what we are using this week because goodness knows I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading what other folks think about their curriculum. It's way better information than reading a professional review!


  1. So glad you were able to break out of the mold and try something new! Math is personal on so many levels - I think it's one of the most important areas to individualize to each student.

    My niece is in 4th grade, and I have been practically begging my sister and mother to try homeschooling her. They spend more time in the evenings trying to get her through math homework, with tears flowing constantly, than they would if they just kept her home and taught her from scratch. It's so frustrating for all of them!

  2. Yes I like hearing what you are doing in school.
    P.S. I can't figure out how to sign in (blogger) on your blog anymore. Oh well. I don't care, but don't want you to be missing that little picture of me! ;)

  3. I am using Covenant Home curriculum and I love it .
    It is great for people like me who have OCD, it's structured just the way I like and it works for my kids so far. The curriculum is not Baptist but we just work around that! The beauty of homeschooling!

  4. We love Math-U-See here! What level are you starting at? Enjoy the change!

  5. Yeah about the math! We did that with Horizons--- just stopped doing it and got another curriculum! WE use Rod and Staff right now and it is SOO simple that I like it.

    IT feels so good to be happy where you are with the curriculum you are using!

  6. Hey Brenda,
    I took your advice and made a blog. It's not as cute as yours but check it out for me and tell me what you think. You have been my inspiration !

  7. Don't you just love being the headmaster, curriculum advisory board, and teacher all rolled in one?? OCD coupled with control issues rox!


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