Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fitness Friday: Open Posting (and a giveaway!)

Big exciting news here at The Family Revised!!! Next week we will be having our very first giveaway! More on that in a minute...


Get a container. We are going to fill it with stuff related to our weight-loss/getting healthy journey.

Good. Now, find an article of clothing that fits you, but you won't miss for a year and sincerely hope will not fit you in a year when you open the time capsule.

This is a t shirt that was husband's but sadly, fits me. I wore it over my swimsuit at Sweetheart's last birthday party and was horrified by how I looked in it. I surely hope it looks ridiculously big on me by next year!

Put it in.
Now, write down your weight or measurements. Just some sort of hard data, you know?
Ha ha. You didn't think I was going to show those numbers, did you?

Put that in the box.

Now let's see....what else could we add? AH! A picture! Get someone to take a full body picture of yourself. Or, if the only person in the house is 5 years old and taking a nap....try to do it yourself.

Cringe a little. But smile knowing how different you will look in one year!!! Put it in the box.

Now put something in the box (or take a picture of it) that represents what you are tempted by or struggle with. Hmm, let's see.

Put it in the box. In this case, it was definitely a good choice to put a picture instead of the real thing because I wouldn't want to break into the time capsule early simply because I had a craving and there was a lack of chocolate in the house! That would just be sad.

There really aren't any rules here, by the way. You can put whatever you want in your time capsule. I'm sure some of you will come up with really cool ideas and I will have to break into my time capsule to add them. Karly, you are going to have to be extra creative here, but you were a teacher--you know how to modify, OK?

If you are an exerciser...let's put in some data there too. Write down what you are bench pressing, how many miles you can comfortably walk or run, your Wii Fit number, Red Machine of Death data....whatever. In my case, I will put down what I want to be able to do in a year.
See? That's me walking, being happy, having a healthy heart, stretching, and most importantly, the one in the middle is the verse that talks about hiding His Word in our hearts. If we aren't spiritually fit, then we aren't really fit, you know?

Put your exercise stuff in the box.

When you get it all like you want it, seal it up and put it away. Make sure to affix a tag on the box that says something like "Open February 20, 2010."

OK--what else could we do? I'm posting this early so you can help me brainstorm. Your time capsule posts won't be due until NEXT Friday, February 20, so you have time to think and plan.

Now about that giveaway...if you make a time capsule and post about it, you will be entered to win this gorgeous hand-made, beautifully feminine bracelet:

Isn't it lovely? It was made by Molly at A Bit O' Shine. She's offering it this week for our giveaway. How cool is that? (Thank you Molly!!!)

Even if you don't make a time capsule...please post next Friday anyway. There are no rules here and I hate for you to skip out just because you didn't have time to make a capsule. Please do check in and give us your update anyway. But, if you post about the time capsule, you will be entered in the drawing for the beautiful bracelet.

Now isn't that all good news?

So, #1: help us think of other things we could include in our time capsules.

and #2: post about your time capsule next Friday. Hopefully, we can all open them together in a year and marvel at our progress! Right? Right? RIGHT!!!! is open posting. Fire away!


  1. Man, you're good, Brenda! That's a great idea.

    Didn't know you were a lefty.

  2. Honestly, it came to me in the middle of the night a few nights ago! How weird is that?

  3. Brenda you are too funny!!! I love your idea
    of the weight time capsule, absolutely wonderful.

    My open posting for Friday is being happy with
    what God has given you no matter what.

    My husband, Kevin , has just finished extensive
    rounds of chemo for brain cancer which was stage
    4 and had moved from his brain to his cardiovascular system. We were told he would be dead in 3 months time early last year but God has other plans. We were at MD Anderson getting another MRI of his spinal cord last Friday and he had to be completely still for two hours while in the machine. Of course, everything ached and itched. It always happens that your nose needs to be scratched when you know you can't scratch it!! He was fine for the first hour but began to have pains in his spine and headaches. He complained mentally about it and began to have a little bit of a pity party. After two hours , he was able to get out of the machine and moved into the waiting room. There he met a woman who was 26 years old whom had also been diagnosed with brain cancer. Four months prior, she had gone to the dentist for a procedure and almost bled to death in the dentist chair. They rushed her by ambulance to the hospital where she found she had the late stages of brain cancer as well. They put in an omaya port in her brain for distributing
    her chemo ( just like my husband has ) but she
    did not do as well as he did. She developed
    spinal meningitis and had to have it taken back
    out of her brain. They had to dispense her chemo
    straight into her spinal cord and inadvertently
    damaged her spinal cord and paralyzed her. The
    chemo also detached her retinas and she was
    completely blind for 4 weeks. After 8 surgeries
    on her eyes , she is able to see , barely. She
    is 26 years old , not married , no children ,
    lost her job and her apartment and has to
    be taken care of by her parents as though
    she was a small child again. She and my
    husband spoke for a while in the waiting
    room and she exuded Godly love. She
    said , I don't know what God is doing ,
    but I trust Him and I know that he will
    take care of me , no matter what I think
    or feel at the time. He is always with me.
    How many times do we daily take for
    granted all the little things that God
    grants us. Our sight, our hearing, our
    ability to take care of ourselves. How
    many times do we complain about
    our aches and pains , knowing that
    there are people in the world who
    have pain that will never go away.
    It is our nature to take for granted
    all the things He allows us to have.
    Our children , our spouses, our
    health and well being. So......
    it is my goal each day since that
    Friday of meeting her to be happy,
    completely happy, with what God
    has given me . Everything from
    my insignificant aches and pains
    to my strengths and accomplishments.
    Because quite frankly, God gave them
    to me for a reason, who am I to complain.

  4. I love a giveaway! I think I'll take on the time capsule challenge. Sounds like fun.

    And oh yeah, I wear some of my husbands t-shirts on occasion, too. And I always think to myself: "I should NOT be able to fit this!"

  5. Ooh, next weeks assignment sounds like great fun. What a creative idea you came up with for us.

    P.S. Giovanna's comment on your post spoke to my heart and I would have liked to be able to tell her so, but when I clicked on her link it took me to her profile and there was no blog or e-mail listed that I could contact her on or leave a comment of my own. Perhaps she will come back to your post and see my comment here.

  6. Giovanna--Amen! Girl, get a blog!! You and your husband have a great story and faith to share. Thank you for sharing here!!!

    And ya'll, really....3 months to live and last night he was buzzing around the skating rink like a 12 year old. Course, he may pay for that today :)

  7. Wierd. Somehow I deleted my comment.
    Brenda, what a creative idea. I'll try and do that next week... today and tomorrow are the big moving days!
    Giovanna, it's always wonderful to hear someone's story of God's care for us.

  8. Giovanna, you need to start a blog. I am inspired by your comment, and I would read you all the time. Praise be to our Lord for His goodness in your husband's and your life!

    And, Brenda, a year from now I don't want to look like I do now. That would be a loooong pregnancy! So, I can come up with something. You are right, I can modify! LOVE your time capsule!

  9. Great idea, Brenda. I'll have to come up with some creative ideas this week!

  10. This is right up my alley!! I love time capsules, and I have plenty of clothes that I could put in there. Great ideas! And I will think of some other things to add.

    I must say I was touched to see you include my Red Machine of Death data. You're so sweet. :0)

  11. Ooohhh...Molly told me she made a bracelet for FF, but I hadn't seen it yet. How lovely!!

    My post is short, but hopefully in the "sweet" kind of way. I hope I have time to put a time capsule together this week!! (Wait, that sounds fun idea, and a great prize.

  12. The time capsule is a FAN-tastic idea. I think I may have to do one myself!

    I was happy to offer the prize - efforts like this deserve to be rewarded! Go ladies, go!

  13. Just wanted to let you know, Brenda, that I referenced your "women's fashion" series in my latest post:

  14. I would love to fit in my husband's clothes! He's about 40 pounds lighter and 8 inches taller than me! Plus, I always thought I would look cute in a police uniform ;)


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