Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fitness Friday: The Something New Edition

I feel so proud of myself! As you know, I haven't truly exercised one lick since this all started. Terrible, isn't it? I mean, I don't sit around on the couch all day...but I also don't belong to a gym or own any workout equipment.

But this week the girls and I started something new! We began stretching every day together. I cannot believe how tight my muscles are and how UN flexible I have become. Sweetheart is 9 and she also cannot believe how much she used to be able to do when she was in gymnastics compared to now.

Truly, it has felt so good to stretch every day that I can feel it in my muscles LONG after we are done. I think it's actually a good thing to do before you start really exercising hard (which I DO plan to do!) because I feel like I'm waking my muscles up.

And after only 3 days we could already tell a difference. How cool is that?

OK--I did pretty well on drinking iced tea more than coke. I did better staying away from the sweets. I didn't stay away from them all the time--but I did better. Probably because we have very few groceries in the house! Ahem.

I have done really well at getting dressed and fixed up every morning. I have my nails done (by me) and put on make-up each day. It feels nice to look nicer. My grey t-shirts still call to me and one day I actually put one of my favorites on. But then I caught sight of myself in the mirror and I went and changed.

OH! I did 2 new things! I started using my new bread machine. It has been so nice.

OK--your turn. What did you try new this week? How did you do on your goals? Are you going to make any new ones this week? Post on your blog and then come sign up on Mr. Linky.

Have a great Friday everyone!


  1. Sounds like you did really great this week. That must be very encouraging. Keep it up!

    Since I've been paying more attention to what I wear, I've been looking better and feeling better s a result. Actually found time to get a long needed haircut this week, and what a difference that makes. Now if I could just get to my nails. :-) Maybe that will be next week's goal--along with finding a way to drink more water.

    Oh, and the icing on the cake, I lost three pounds. So things are looking up. LOL

  2. Stretching....hmmm..I haven't stretched since
    I reached for another bite from the ice cream
    cake slice we had as a family last night.
    Somehow I think this is not the correct
    way of stretching that you are speaking of.
    I tried being accountable this week to a
    long time friend of mine in regards to
    our daily habits of overeating.
    We have both been saying for years how
    we need to lose weight and eat better
    but everything gets in the way. This
    week we started calling each other
    after the kids are asleep and telling
    the other what we ate for the day
    and if we walked or not. I didn't
    think I would feel as guilty as I
    do telling her at the end of the
    day what I ate, but I DO !!!! Ahhh..
    it's horrible when you actually hear
    what you put into your body. It's
    working though, I am much more
    conscience of what I eat just so
    I don't feel badly telling her at
    the end of the day!!!

  3. Stretching is a great idea, Brenda. When I took belly-dancing classes from a friend, I was shocked by how wonderful I felt just because of how the dancing stretched my muscles. And, it's something you can do even when you're not feeling well.

    My something "new" is actually something "old" that I desperately need to do again. I almost decided my "new" thing would be RESTING, which I also need to do. So that's my number 1 goal today, as I'm still sick at home and Aurelia is with her grandma: allow myself a day of guilt-free rest. And tomorrow? Tomorrow I'm going to devote to enjoying time with my daughter, nothing else.

  4. Sounds like a great week!! But did you run through the kitchen?? ;-)

  5. I like the stretching idea. I think I'll steal it. ;-)

  6. Somehow I don't think baking fresh bread is going to help you lose weight! :)


  7. Laura Lee--I kind of did! I did better at walking away from the snacks!
    Kathy--I know. But there are no preservatives! That's something, right?

    Giovanna--it really makes a difference knowing I'll have to post on Friday too! I know what you mean.

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  9. Sorry! I tried posting as my husband again. Hmm, maybe my brain is on overload (: So, I was going to say that whole wheat, presrvative free bread is very good for you. It actually makes you feel full when you should as opposed to the white bread alternative. I really want to get a bread machine. I used to bake our bread by hand up until #5, then I just didn't take the time to regularly do that (;
    Thanks also, for the streching idea. Maybe I'll start putting that into practice. Once we move, the dogs will need to be walked once or twice a day, so that will get us all out for a stroll, and a good friend gave me a cheap idea for a chin up bar, so I think that will be an addition for P.E. (:
    Sorry I didn't post this week. Kind of creazy around here...

  10. Wow. I tried to switch it to me. But I didn't succeed. And I don't want to write that all again. So.... I think that I will leave it. Just know, Brenda, that it is actually Annie. Forgive me... to many things calling me. Anyone want to come pack and clean?? (:


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