Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fitness Friday Topic

It's really hard to come up with topics that will be relevant for everyone, so as usual, if you don't like the topic, talk about whatever you want in your post.

I've been thinking about the upcoming change of seasons. I know some of you have already been enjoying the beach coughJulieMomcough, but some of us haven't donned a swimsuit or summer wear for many months now. I know others of you have a long way to go before hot weather comes to where you live. Regardless, it's something we need to get ready for.

How are you planning to handle summer? Do you have plans for extra exercise to get ready? What are you planning to wear? How do you handle swimsuit issues for you and your daughters? (I'm looking for ideas here!)

Tell us how you are going to get ready for the next season!


  1. I am writing mine RIGHT NOW! :) Great topic, Brenda!

  2. How do I plan on handling the summer? Hmmm... I plan on not letting any part of my body see the light of day that doesn't usually. So my elbows down to my hands and my face will have a blast this summer!!!

  3. Haha Giovanna! I will post pics of what we did for our kids, and also what I do. Thanks for the idea! (But you may not- ok, you WON'T get pics of me!)

    And thanks for the reference to the beach.



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