Monday, November 10, 2008

Of Monkeys and Music

Little Bit is 5 years old tomorrow. She crawled into bed with us Sunday morning and snuggled in just like she used to do those 7 months we shared a bed when she was nursing. I have to say, it hurt my hormones just a little bit to realize how big she is getting.

But oh we celebrated on Saturday with her request of a Curious George party. Because this little girl has sat through an April birthday, a July birthday, an August birthday, lots of friend's birthdays, and was her turn.

There were monkey masks.

There was coloring and a craft. (I couldn't find a craft so I e-mailed Allie at No Time for Flash Cards and she MADE ONE UP FOR ME! She totally rocks.) I am afraid ours look like frog-monkeys.

There was much eating. That's my sister making a banana split. FITNESS FRIDAY LADIES PLEASE AVERT YOUR EYES. No, scratch that...LOOK! Fruit on the counter!!!! Sigh.

There was even a lame game. (which they loved)

There were much anticipated presents.

Incidentally, she picked out that Dora gift bag herself. I said, "Yeah, we can get that. I think one of your presents will fit in there."

LB: You can put my big George in there.
Me: How do you know you are going to get a big George?
LB: (incredulous) I told you I wanted one!

And she was right. Over-confident, but right.

Tomorrow, on her actual birthday, there is one small present and pancakes at Denny's with Grandpa. She is just so cute.

Always has been.

But I'm biased.

Now, Sweetheart has exciting news too! A man at our church is getting together a recorder band of sorts for a talent show around Christmas time. He asked if anyone in our family would be interested in learning how to play. We volunteered Sweetheart and she began weekly music lessons with Mr. J today. I thought she might pop waiting on him to get here with her new instrument!

It is a real blessing to us, these free lessons, because S and I really want our girls to learn to play multiple instruments. Between the two of us, there is a bit of guitar playing and that is it. And I'll give you a hint: I'm not the guitar player. So if music is to be a part of our homeschool curriculum, we will be depending on outside help. I'm so excited for her to have this opportunity! Today she learned about notes and measures and frankly, she has already surpassed her mother.
I'm better at making frog-monkeys than music.


  1. What a fun and creative party.

    Banana Splits, mmmm mmmm good.

  2. Happy Birthday Little Bit!!

    Hey, never underestimate the need for frog-monkeys. You never know when you'll need one.

  3. Awww...happy birthday, Little Bit! What a sweet and fun party! I can't believe nobody invited me!

    And you're killing me about the music part of homeschooling. I might have to outsource when it comes to science and social studies after the second grade. Uh oh.

  4. I ONLY saw the fruit on that counter top...hehe...! Hope it was yummy!

  5. Oh, how sweet! My third turns five in a few weeks and I think I've finally nailed down how he'd like to celebrate. Lol.

  6. Looks like I missed a great time. Oh, and my boys love Curious George so they would have triple loved the party!!! =)

  7. We love Curious George!!!! :)

    Happy birthday!

    Ya know, I allow myself the special days to eat and I have almost lost 22 pounds in 4 months. Eat up on the fun days...they make life sweet!


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