Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Fish Tank is a Rock

I'm still thinking about my rocks. It reminded me of Terry's post on 5 things on her to-do list. So, I kind of put all these thoughts together...still working on it...and came to some conclusions.

One or two of the items on my "5 things list" need to be the big ones. The rocks. I know in the example the rocks are supposed to be the really important things in life, but I'm using that to mean the things that are really important about housework. For example, today the fish tank is a rock, because soon we won't be able to see the fish if I don't get it done. Little Bit's closet, the laundry room, sewing Christmas presents, and putting away 3 baskets of clean laundry are also all rocks right now--they are the big ones that make me feel overwhelmed. If I tried to do all of them every day (which I wake up with those intentions every day), I would not only NOT get done, but I would also NOT get to anything else...the pebbles or the sand. That would be things like coloring with my girls, cross-stitching something, looking at a magazine, etc. I NEVER feel like I have time for those things because these rocks are hanging over my head.

So, each day I will choose 1 or 2 of those rocks to be first on my to-do list. If I get the fish tank cleaned FIRST today (first on my homemaking agenda, which begins after school) then I can cross that item off and give myself permission to do some less pressing things. I can rest knowing that the next big rock is on my to-do list first thing tomorrow. In a week, I could get at least 5 big rocks DONE! Imagine that! And still have time for some other stuff.

I think I just feel so overwhelmed by all the things that very obviously need to be done, that I end up not really doing any of it. I busy myself trying to get everything else straightened and cleaned up around here, THEN I will feel like I have time to go clean out a closet. I feel like I cannot start those big projects until I'm caught up around here.

That is why I have been so frustrated...I've been putting the sand and pebbles in first...waiting for "time" to get to those rocks. No longer. Those rocks will come first from now on. And? I need to delegate a lot more of the little housekeeping tasks to the short people around here while I work on the rocks.

I know the demonstration is supposed to be about life, not housekeeping, but it worked for me!

And now, a Keepin' It Real item for your reading pleasure. Terry pointed out yesterday some very real differences between blog world and the real world. It was a great post. Reminded me of why I started Keepin' It Real in the first place. Behind the keyboard where we spit out all of our lofty intentions, homeschool success stories, and highlights of life...behind that keyboard is a lot of stuff we don't share.

From time to time, I like to. So, did you know?

*that I have 10 undeveloped disposable cameras? I had 12 but my dad grabbed two the other day and took them to be developed. They were from 4 YEARS AGO!!!! Yep, Sweetheart's 5 year old birthday party. So, yes. One day after Little Bit's 5 year old birthday, we finally looked at pictures of Sweetheart's 5 year old birthday. The irony did not escape me. Wonder what else I'll find on those cameras?

OK--your turn. Tell me about your rocks or a Keepin' It Real fact from your home! I love hearing from you all...


  1. We have several rolls of undeveloped film, from back when we used a "real" camera. My boys' pictures from All-State Chorus for two years in a row are on those rolls of film. They were in 11th and 9th grades then. (They're in college now...groan!) I wonder if I will ever get them developed? They are hidden in a drawer, which is why I never think of them!

    I loved Terry's blog post about the real world. I don't get out much, and the blog world has become the real world for me lately, which has brought me no small measure of condemnation, by the way.

    When I finally do get out, I am amazed at how "light" I feel. Maybe I am living in the blogosphere too much?

    Love your posts. Mary.

  2. You may remember a while back when I mentioned that since I rise two hours earlier than my husband, there are many days that I simply forget to go back and make the bed. Well, I STILL struggle to remember that! I know many of you would just as soon not breathe before leaving your bed unmade all day, but there you have it. The upside: I do manage to get it made before he returns home from work (most days!).

    I have found that I feel better having 5 things accomplished each day rather than having started 10 different things and finished none. And like you, I try to include at least one rather involved homekeeping chore each day. Today it's my pantry. And oh yes, I included making the bed on today's list. It's sad, I know. You think that's bad, wait until you read my Fitness Friday post!

  3. This rock just turned into a BOULDER!!! I got the tank cleaned and plugged the filter back in...nothing. Guess what? Can't find a filter to replace it so we had to buy a whole new tank and set that up.

    Needless to say, I'm glad I started on this first!

  4. Well, you didn't really need to clean it after all, did you?

    Just kidding!! Great thoughts, and thanks for keeping it real. I, too, have been re-thinking housework things, and have made some strides in that area that maybe I'll share tomorrow. Thanks!

  5. I have to get real about the organinizing of our motorhome. All the "stuff" that came out is in my sewing room. There are about 6 boxes of "stuff" that needs to be sorted and something done with. I have a tradition of organizing which is actually shuffling things from one room to another.

  6. My big, huge rock, believe it or not, is mopping the floor. I never get to it. Oh, I vacuum every week and clean up messes along theway, plus we have a dog.... but, let's just say the color of our tile is very forgiving.

    So, is that a keepin' it real and a rock??

    Oh yeah, I have dust in my house, too.

    Oh, and my poor husband has to practically beg for me to iron his shirts.

    Okay, that was more than one. :)


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