Friday, November 21, 2008

Fitness Friday: The Excuses Edition

We wouldn't have gotten in the shape we are in had it not been for our over-active imaginations. You heard me right! Where other women realized that their body needed good food, less food, less stress, and more exercise, WE were far more creative than that.

We made excuses instead.

And they served us well and helped us increase in size. BUT NO MORE!!!!

Any and all excuses having to do with our health.
Date of Death: Friday, November 21, 2008
Here were some of mine. Some are old and I haven't used them in a while. Those are the kinda dusty ones there in the back. Others get a lot of use and I keep them right here by me so they are easily accessible. In no particular order:
1. Life is meant to be lived! (I should enjoy dessert because what good is life if you don't get to indulge in the little pleasures?)
2. It's not that bad. (I'm not THAT fat. I'm not THAT out of shape. I can still fit into these. This outfit makes me look pretty small.)
3. What do you expect? I've had 2 kids! (Yeah, like I'm the only woman on the planet to undergo pregnancy and childbirth--and besides, it was FIVE years ago!)
4. Other people go work out, but my kids need me here at home. I'm not going to go selfishly pursing a perfect body at the gym.
5. We just need to be frugal right now. I can't afford to eat healthy.
6. I had a salad for lunch, so I can have this now. (usually JUNK food)
7. Why should everyone else get to eat ___________ and not me?
Oh I could probably go on and on. I'll bet some of you will think of ones I forgot. The time when I tell myself the biggest excuses is in front of the mirror. There is where I work really hard to convince myself it's not so bad. Maybe the kitchen in your mental battleground. Perhaps we should hang up some Bible verses in our area of weakness to help keep the excuses at bay?
My successes so far:
  • Last week marked 7 1/2 inches lost total!
  • I've been wearing my wedding ring all week!
  • I wore a skirt Sunday that hasn't fit me in 1-2 years!

These little successes feel so good. I need to have more of them. I WANT to have more of them. Which is why I'm going to keep going.

Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. I use all those excuses too! They made me laugh when I saw them written down. You are doing great, one of these days I am going to join you. However, I have an excuse....The holidays are coming and I want to be able to eat all that yummy food. How was that one?????

  2. A skirt? Well done - a little braver than me ;)(the knees are not ready).

    My list of excuses is almost the length of a masters thesis. Still, I have been on the road to a slimmer me for a couple of weeks now - about a 6kg loss. Feeling more energetic.

    Well done for encouraging people to get fitter.

  3. I'm first??? Where's JulieMom?

    Anyway, congratulations on the progress you've made: 7 inches, the wedding ring, and no a previously too small skirt. You are definitely on a roll. Keep up the good work, Brenda!

  4. Sorry I was late Terry. :0) It was a busy day.

    But I am glad to hear your progress too. I needed it this week. Since I did like, NO working out. And I am not even kidding.

  5. I finally decided to jump on board the "Fitness Friday" bandwagon! Come on over to my blog to find out what kept me from doing this earlier :-).

  6. Holy smokes Brenda!! Congratulations on all of your success'! I am SO proud of you :)

    I was chuckling at your excuses...I have used all of those too!! I suppose we all have haven't we?

  7. Brenda I read all the posts about excuses and agree that we can pretty much lie to ourselves until we do what we don't want. I am not posting for a few weeks, because we will be traveling. I may get to have internet once in awhile and will catch up on the posts. So far your Fitness Friday thing is working pretty good for me. I have lost 2 lbs and am making much wiser choices in what I eat. Thanks

  8. Congrats are wearing your wedding ring!! That is so wonderful! Sorry I am a little late again. Blessings

  9. No worries, Detroit--I'm later than everybody!

    Way to go Brenda with the wedding ring AND the previously too-small skirt--wahoo!! Just wait 'til that skirt starts getting baggy... It's so gratifying to see & feel the results of the changes you're making. Those signs of success really do help keep the Excuse Monster at bay. Keep it up and I can't wait to check in on Black Fitness Friday... :-)


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