Friday, November 7, 2008

Fitness Friday: The Shopping Edition

This week we are sharing our online or real-life shopping experiences and showing off what we want to wear and look good in. Let's jump in, shall we?

I know modesty is an issue, but let's just say that in OUR backyard, in OUR pool, swimming with MY husband....I would love to look good in just about anything on this page.

OK--back to reality for a minute. I really dress pretty simply. I am not a fancy, fru-fru girl. I would love to look good in just simple t-shirts such as this one.

Maybe it wouldn't have those exact words on it, but I would like to wear more fitted shirts. I don't want tight shirts, just not loose, sloppy shirts. I think we try so hard to hide our weight that we end up looking worse. I know husband and I disagree on what looks good on me. I think he's blind, he thinks I'm crazy. All I know is I think fitting into more attractive shirts is possible. (Unlike the swimsuit page, which is a more, um, long-term goal.)

Now, about skirts. First of all, I want to be able to wear loose, flowing skirts in the summer without all the undergarments I now depend on to keep things in place. THAT would be a dream to me. (I'm getting excited just thinking that this could be possible!) Here is a casual skirt I would like to wear and feel good in.
Hmmm. I think I'm beginning to see a pattern here. Obviously, I want to wear more fitted things and feel good in them! Right now, tight worries me. Tight makes me feel self-conscious. Fitted things are not my friend.

I love shirts like this but I always feel like I can't wear them. Maybe it's because I think they wouldn't look good on me (my size isn't as cute as the one on the rack) and maybe it's because button up the front things can be tricky when you are too big. I would love to wear this and feel like my boobs weren't too big, my arms weren't too fat, and my stomach wasn't sticking out. Whew! It takes a lot of emotional energy being overweight!
And these pants are pretty cute. I wouldn't mind wearing them without worrying about my stomach.
NOW, how will I get to the point where I can wear these things? By getting back on track. I have learned something through these Fitness Friday posts...busy weeks can throw EVERYTHING off! I need to really, really be planned for success. I planned meals this week, but somehow only fit one salad into my mouth this week. I fit no exercise into my life this week either, unless you count housework. I know that I have to exercise before I will begin to see any real changes. Not that 6 1/2 inches lost is a small thing...but it's not enough for me to look like this:

I'm just sayin'.
Have a great Friday everyone!


  1. Okay - I didn't even think about cute LITTLE undies! I want those too!! And Brenda, that models face looks a LOT like yours!!

  2. Model??? I don't know what you are talking about! :)

  3. You mean that's not what you look like??!!

    I like those capri's, by the way. Cute.

  4. Okay, you really should be more modest on your blog. I mean, really Brenda! Showing all your stuff? (I am DYING at that picture! That is so GREAT!)

    I LOVE all the clothes you posted about. You and I have the same style! That denim skirt is SO cute! (Does that make me a homeschooling mom???)

    And, 6 1/2 inches lost? Good for you!

  5. Loved the skirt and the capri's. I'm going to try and start joining you guys on your fitness Fridays. My daughter has asked me to start walking with her in the morning, she wants to be more fit. I guess this is my que to get my act together.

    I think you are doing great.


  6. I love the undie shot! I want those too!

    I like the blue jean shirt, I guess I am a home schooling mama too! But it is at least an up to day blue jean skirt--is that possible? Regardless I like it!

    I cant wait to see you and everyone is some of the clothes they picked out! (well minus the undies- I will leave that for the hubbies!)

  7. This is totally fun! I have places that I cannot wait to shop in. Right now I am quite limited due to my size and I cannot wait to go in to any shop and be able to just fit into something on the rack...It was strange just looking at the "regular" women's clothing. ;o)

  8. Ha! You're so tricky!

    But you have nice panties. ;0)

    Cute picks! I like them all!

  9. Yes Carrie, Karly and I agreed that it is an OK denim skirt b/c it's shorter and NOT a jumper. OK?

  10. I agree, in with the skirt! I really do like it!

  11. I hope working out and salad eating this week goes better for you. You look cute in your little undies, there, miss thang.

    I need to jump on this bandwagon, geesh!

  12. That is so cool that you are a model now...hehe! I love that! Wow! Congratulations on the 6 1/2 inches GONE! Good for you!!

    My wedding ring doesn't fit very well right now either...that is one of my goals too! I love Fitness Friday. it makes me think and I get a lot of good ideas too! Thanks again for starting this :)

  13. I felt that I needed to let you know that my attitude has changed since my whining blog. Hope it is ok to Mr. Linky twice.

  14. Ok--that last picture is HILARIOUS! Ha! And I really like everything you put up here--especially the pants. And 6 1/2 inches is great--things are getting more baggy every day. Keep up the good work & I look forward to next week's assignment!

    Oh, and do you have the code for the new FF button? I just copied the pic & pasted it into my blog, which is kind of cheating. Thanks!

  15. You are doing so well! :) I finally updated my blog with new weight and stuff. :)

    You just start over the moment you falter. This gets easier! :)

    I have to work hard to eat atleast 1200 calories now! It will be 8pm and I realize some days I didn't eat enough food! Imagine that happening! :) It will!

  16. Maybe we need a small reminder for people to link to the specific post, ONLY IF THEY'VE WRITTEN ONE.

    Not to be the blog nazi or anything, but we need to conserve our sister's internet time by linking to the post, not the main blog, and make sure we actually write a post about the topic!!

    Thank you. :0)


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