Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fitness Friday Assignment

Hey Ladies!! We didn't hear from some of you on Friday, but it's NOT too late! Add your post whenever you like...the Mr. Linky stays up and we will check in on you.

Aunt Bossy left a great comment on my post and it inspired me to make a new button. HAAHAHAHAHA! You know me better than that. Actually, it inspired me to ask JulieMom to make a new button. She made a new and improved Fitness Friday's has a catchy slogan (thanks to Aunt B)...AND as a bonus feature, if you add it to your sidebar it will actually give you will power!

OK, not really on that last part.

Here's the button:

I'll have the code up as soon as I can--technical difficulties. You can e-mail me for it if you want!

Oh! I almost forgot. For our posts next week here is your assignment. You are to go shopping (online or real life if you have, you and pick out a few things you would like to be able to wear one day and feel great in. It might be new pajamas (my capri pants, yes THOSE capri pants, were falling off of me this week), a cute style of dress, whatever. Just something that you would like to be able to wear, but your un-fitness has kept you from wearing up until now. Post links, or pictures, of your choices. Sound fun?

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Oh--I love it, I love it, I love it! I had no idea what I said when you mentioned it on my blog, but now I get it!

    I am SO blessed to be a part of the iron-sharpening-iron process of Fitness Fridays. And go Juliemom--button designer extraordinaire. Wahoo!!

  2. I LOVE the new button! Julie, I think God gave you the gift of making bloggy event buttons for sure!

    And, Brenda, LOVE next week's assignment. :) This will be lots of fun!

  3. What a fun assignment, Brenda! Looking forward to it. And the button is fun too. Aunt Bossy does have a way with words, doesn't she?

  4. Very cool button and I am loving the assignment for next week. Living near NYC I see things I dream of wearing...all.the.time.

  5. Love the new button ... but I can wait until next week to get the code! Shopping (in the fake cyberworld) will be fun - I'm definitely going for cute little dress!!

  6. I know, I know...I bailed on last week. I was feeling down on my self for no having the greatest week. I will post both assignments this week though! See you then. Cant wait to put on the new button!


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