Monday, March 10, 2008

What? Dusting Isn't Enough?

You know, when I worked outside the home I had a really great excuse for NOT doing a lot of things. I mean, HOW could I possibly be expected to keep up with everything around the house when I was gone all day 5 days a week? Right?


But now that I'm, all day 5 days a week, what's my excuse?

I'm still working on that one. I'll get back to you. (The kids are even too big to blame--No, they didn't want to "nurse every 10 minutes". No, they weren't "fussy" all day and wanting to be held. No, "they didn't take a nap" isn't the excuse because they don't take them any more.) Still thinking...

I'm realizing the longer I am home that there is a lot more to "being home" than cleaning house and taking care of the kids. That phrase "stay-at-home-mom"? It's deceiving. I am not just a SAHM. So, what am I?

Let's take a look at a certain part of Titus 2. I love doing this. Here we go:

NIV--to be busy at home
The Message--keep a good house
NLT--to work in their homes
KJV--keepers at home
ESV--working at home
CEV--as well as a good homemaker
NVI--cuidadosas del hogar

Oh, sorry. Got carried away there. OK, you get the idea. No matter what translation you look at, it's really hard to mess this little part up (although The Message comes close). This is a big important job. Keeping the home. Working here. Making the home. Being busy here. There is a lot more going on than just staying at home. Honestly, I'm still in transition mode. I've been home full time less than a year. Whether you work outside the home or never are welcome here because we are ALL homemakers.

So I think we shall spend some time exploring all the parts of what being a keeper of our homes and a homemaker means here at my little blog. The key words in that sentence were "we" and "exploring". As in "we will be exploring this together" (through your comments). Don't come here for excellent expert information though. Not from someone whose laundry room once looked like this.

And the keyword in that sentence was "once." I totally have different clothes on the floor now.
Looking forward to learning with you!


  1. I keep my home.


    does that count?

  2. Rachel, you only get 1/2 a point for that one. Sorry.

    And GB...I'm glad that photo spurred someone into action. I mean action beyond twitching.

  3. Yesterday, I did nothing. Well, I washed a load of whites and cooked dinner. During the Princess' nap, I answered email. So, right now I don't feel very qualified to answer exactly what a keeper at home does. Does singing to and reading with the Princess count?

    Sorry for the rambling. It's early. I should probably be more awake before I try to answer this one.

  4. Hey I think THAT should be the new Keepin' It Real button.

    Seriously, I think this is a worthwhile study we shouldn't take lightly.

    After all, that mush laundry MUST be heavy!

  5. Sorry I slurred that last sentence. i meant muCh not mush.


  6. GOD BLESS YOU, BRENDA! You always make me smile! :0) LOL! Your blog is always HELPFUL to me, Lady! Thanks for including us "working mothers" in your homemaker statement. It made me feel good. Love ya!

  7. Hey Brenda, I'm under seige over at my place. I think I'm holding my own but a comment from at least ONE homeschool mom would be nice. Stop by when you get time, huh?

  8. I linked to you through "from Melissa's Desk". Thanks for commenting on my clipboards. I'm glad they are liked and they are SOOOO easy. Anyway, I've enjoyed your blog. I posted pictures of my not so clean house last week. It looks much better now. Well... except for the dishes. I got them done once, before baseball.


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)