Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Keepin' It Real: Nothing to Report+One Big Announcement

Well, Lisa from My Surviving Thoughts tried. She really did. She wanted to help us keep things real in the bloggy world, but she kind of had trouble finding anything to talk about.

It's hilarious! Go check it out.

Big Announcement:

If you have a Keepin' It Real moment you'd like to share, save it for Tuesday, April 1. I plan to have a Mr. Linky and we can all share our wonderful "real" moments with each other on that day. It'll be so much fun! And, you can reach back in time for ideas. It doesn't have to be a "current" moment in order to share. In fact, feel free to share real moments from your past or present--we like them all.

(Suppressing the fear that only one person will sign up on the Mr. Linky and I will look very, very stupid.)

Thank you and have a great day!


  1. I'm sure I won't be the only one to sign up!

  2. well, that makes 2 signing up.
    Oh and DH said whoa! when he clicked on the bathroom keeping it real pic. He said "what is that all over the mirror?". As if he'd never seen it while in the actual room...lol

  3. You ladies are too sweet!

    Lisa--I am still laughing. That is SO funny about your husband!

  4. Lisa's post was so cute!

    Brenda, the email you *ahem* lost in spam was me asking you to do a weekly "keepin' it real" for those of us who "keep it real" often. I am totally your third linky.

    The other thing I asked for was a blog button. So, either you are fibbing and just used my ideas and took the credit or we are WAY too much alike!!!


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