Thursday, March 13, 2008

Really, It Makes Sense

Well, even though I thought Cagney and Lacey was a GREAT guess, my children are NOT playing with detective toys from the 80's. But I'm not sure the real answer is any better.

Grafted Branch was right--they are Kim and Aggie from BBC's show "How Clean Is Your House?" We don't get this particular cable channel, but we run down to my parent's house about 3 times a week to watch it. The girls love it. My mom , Sweetheart, and I enjoy the show, but who would have thought a four year old would ask for Kim and Aggie toys?

See, it all began when I overheard the girls playing "dirty house show" with their doll houses. I was curious. "How do you play dirty house show?" I asked them. "You just pile everything all crazy into one room and then you put everything like it goes." Oh, and you ask Mom for a wipe so you can clean everything.

Little Bit concerns us sometimes. She spends a great deal of her day cleaning. For fun. She begs for wipes all day. She's starting to remind me of Cata and her Pledge Grab-Its. I used to give her baby wipes when she was younger but after our plumber friend pulled 15 wipes from our lines...we cut off her supply. Silly me, I thought she was throwing them in the trash.

Now that she's older I can trust her with Clorox wipes. She also has a spray bottle with vinegar and water. For her birthday last year, my sister gave her paper towels and she was happy. When she should be playing, we catch her cleaning the back patio. I draw the line at letting her mop it. (And she has asked to.) Just last night, S came home to find her going around the baseboards with a toy scrub brush. He said, "Honey, please go PLAY." But I think this is how she plays.

So I guess it stands to reason that a show all about cleaning would rate high on her list. And truthfully, we all enjoy the show. And now her doll house people better watch out--'cause Kim and Aggie are on the scene!


  1. I'd love to have her over for a playdate at my house!!!


  2. I was right?! LOL! I'd love to watch those girls play with their new the dollhouse rooms...talkin' trash about the inhabitants. Everything sounds better with a british accent. ;)

  3. Wow! I never would have guessed that. Oh, to have a child that viewed cleaning up as a fun activity, LOL! Like I said before, your artwork is pretty good, and Little Bit will be quite the homemaker someday. I'm sure you have something to do with that.

    Side note: you live on the same street as your parents? I don't think I know any other family who lives so close. I'm sure it's making great memories for your girls to be so close to their grandparents.

  4. Missy--I know. You'd think my house would look better!

    GB--I'm just actually relieved that they favor the real ones enough that someone recognized who they were supposed to be. And yes, we have increased our vocabulary. They use a lot of words we don't!

    Terry--yes. We live 3 doors down from the house I grew up in. I remember playing at this house when I was little. Kind of weird. It feels like I'm home though. My girls are learning to ride their bikes and skate on the same sidewalk I did.

  5. I've never seen that show. :-) My daughter plays when she's supposed to be cleaning - that doesn't quite count, does it? Kim and Aggie are going to end up visiting her house one of these days! LoL


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