Thursday, March 27, 2008

Because I Don't Have the Heart to Write a Serious Post

And I do have a lot of serious things running around my head right now. I just can't quite put them into words or a comprehensible post just yet.

So instead, I bring you a question I had the other day. How do you refer to those whom you have met on the internet? I need to know because this comes up for me ALL the time. In a conversation, something wonderful that I read on a blog will come to mind and I want to share it. So I say,

"A lady whose blog I read every day said that..."
"I read on the internet that..."
"A friend of mine had that happen to her and she..."
"This girl I know from the computer..."
Yeah. It really creeped me out about 8 or 9 years ago when the very first person I knew in real life married someone she met on the internet. Now here I am talking about my "friends from the computer." And I truly do consider some of you friends. Your first names come up in our house. S knows who you are. I'll say something and he'll say, "Is that the one who lives in __________?" You have become a part of my life.

So, how do you refer to the rest of us? Do you? I can't really fake it and say, "My friend Karly said that..." because my sisters and friends would be like, "Who's Karly? I don't know any Karly." Remember, I live on the same block I grew up on. My circle is pretty small and I've also gone to the same church my whole life. Plus they know I don't work so it's not like they would just assume that my "friend" is someone from my job.

OK. I'm ready to hear from you. How do you handle this? How do you refer to your computer friends in real life?

Also, don't forget that Keepin' It Real posting day is April 1st!!! Get ready to bless others by fessing up your real life stuff that you don't usually share on the web!


  1. I call you and others "cyber friends" or the even the more familiar, "bloggy friends."

    But after a MIRL, you'll become a "new friend."

    Because, you're right. It's easy to accidentally misrepresent to the real life people.

  2. GB, real life people? There are such people? I must be on here WAY too much to notice. :)

    I call those I am closest with "from the computer" my friends. It's funny, those I have gotten to know online (that used to freak me out too!) have been those who know me quite well. It's so much easier to be ME behind a computer screen.

    So, Brenda, you are my friend. :) (And, if anyone asks, I just say, "Oh, I met her online." Then I giggle. :)

  3. I usually say "my blogging friends"! :)

  4. It is SO funny that you bring this up.

    First of all, I met my husband on the internet and married him two months later (almost five years ago).

    Secondly, I usually say "this girl whose blog I read," then I laugh.

    But I've been trying to change and more often than not, I say "one of my e-friends. Don't judge." Yep, just like that. As if it's all one word. oneofmyefriendsdontjudge

    Now my friends (and even my dad) are comfortable with it. Even though they probably laugh at me. My best friend still can't understand how I get comments from people I don't know and I'm okay with it. ha ha ha!

    I can't WAIT for KIR! I need to get my stuff together and figure out what to post about.

  5. I usually say my "internet friend".

  6. AH! I guess part of the problem is people don't know I blog. Well, they know I read blogs just not that I have one.

    That could be causing an issue.

    And Rachel, don't worry it doesn't freak me out anymore that people meet online. I get it now. Well, not young children/teenagers but that's a different story!

  7. You know what? I think I knew that people don't know you blog. But, that still blows my mind! I can't believe you've been able to keep it from them. That is hilarious!

    by the way, Brenda, I meant to tell you that whenever I talk about you, this is what I say to the hubby. "you know, Brenda, my e-friend who always makes fun of you." Yeah, you've only poked fun at him ONCE, but for some reason, I say that EVERY TIME. He responds with "you can just say 'Brenda.' And she only said something about me once."

  8. If I knew him better I would totally make more fun of him. I promise.

  9. When I share with the Prince something you've emailed me, I definitely say 'Brenda- you know my Christian blog friend? The one who lives in Texas?'

    Then the Prince will nod and we can finish the conversation. Most of the people who comment at my place the hubs already knows.

    And since we're in Africa he's the only one I chat with about the blogs I read.

  10. Only a couple of people besides hubby and kids (sis-in-laws) know that I blog. And as far as I know, they don't read it much because chances are I'm not writing anything that I haven't already discussed with them at some point anyway. And NONE of my family of origin know I blog. They would find it rather strange, I think. So I can see where the fact that no one knows you're a blogger can make it difficult to discuss what you've "discussed" with your blog friends today.

  11. Yes, Julie. You are "JuliewhosefamilyaremissionariesinSouthAfrica" when I talk about you. :) It's kind of a long name.


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)