Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Where the Change Happens

I have been a full-time homemaker for 8 months now. I can hardly believe it's been that long already. Less than a year ago I was sitting in my office wishing I was home more than anything. I could not wait for the day when I would be able to quit and spend my time making a home and raising our children and even teaching them at home. I remember just how I felt when I wrote posts like this.

I was reminded last night of all the Christian wives and mothers who are still at work wishing/hoping/praying for deliverance and a chance to be at home. I just wanted to offer this word of encouragement to them: you are already a homemaker. I have worked full-time (11 years) and I have worked part-time (2 1/2 years) and now I am home. I remember what it is like to have your interests divided. It's so hard.

The reason I was reminded of all these things was the blog I found last night. I laughed, I related...this lady stole my thoughts right out of my mind! And she also made me realize something: the change happens in our hearts first.

Long before the Lord ever brought me home, He changed my heart. What does that mean? My desires became His desires, my thoughts were on things that He felt were important. I began to understand the role of each family member in a Christian home. I began to understand the effects of feminism on our society, our families, but especially my life. My home. I began to see the joy of doing things His way. My heart was changed.

And suddenly I wasn't satisfied with our old life. I wanted out. BUT, I started where I was. I became a homemaker in the time that I did have available to me. My focus had shifted and I wanted to do a better job keeping house. I wanted to be a better wife. I wanted to be a better mom. So things were already changing at our house and I trusted the Lord to do the impossible and get me home. He did not disappoint.

But I know if He had brought me home before that change of would have been a terrible waste of time.

God is good. I am so thrilled when I read blogs like this and see how He changes the hearts of women. It is exciting! I hope it's contagious.

So Christian mom who is working but doesn't want to be? Know that I am praying for you. Put your trust in God and continue to do what you can.

Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." Matt. 19:26


  1. I would love to read your "coming home" story one day! I agree with everything you've written here. Like you, I know many working Christian women who would love nothing more than to be able to come home. You know my story. I think I'm the only woman I know who came home first and had a heart change later. You are absolutely right to encourage these ladies that they are homemakers even now, while they are in transition and waiting for the opportunity to come home. This was a very encouraging post, Brenda.

  2. Oh indeed it is the greatest gift when the Lord gives us a new heart, filled with His truth. Happy 8 month anniversary!

  3. Great post, Brenda! This and reading the blog you linked reminded me of what my role is here at home. And, yes, I agree, change does happen when your heart's desire aligns with God's.

  4. Brenda - I am so honored and humbled that you referenced my blog. It brought tears to my eyes when you wrote that, even though I work outside the home, that I *am* a homemaker. :) Oh happy thought! It meant so much to me that you understand. Thank you so very much.

  5. As I am in a tired stuggle in my role here at home, reading this post reminds me to be thankful that I am not split in my attentions. Thanks for being you and being a blessing.

  6. Thanks for this thought provoking and encouraging post. I am one of those moms who works part time, and from home, but who desperately wishes to be home full time. You are so right- He has had to change my heart first, I am actually glad for the years I have worked, as I am SO ready to be home, knowing the other side of the coin too well.


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