Sunday, February 3, 2008

Step Inside My Head

Man, I really need to blog about something! It's been a long time. I just don't have any good ideas. I can't believe it....did I finally run out of things to say?

I could give an update on Little Bit's tics. She hasn't really had any for the last 2 weeks! It's so cool! I don't know if it's just gone or if it will come back. If it is going to come back, I really hope it comes back before the neurologist's appointment this month. It would be nice if they could see what we are talking about. Maybe they are just gone? Still, they have to be gone for 3 months for the diagnosis to change. I guess I really can't post about that since it's all so up in the air. Oh well.

Let's see....I could talk about the rag quilt I'm going to make! That practice quilt I made while we were out of town was so easy. I can't wait to start making the one for Little Bit's bed (AFTER I finish Sweethearts duvet cover! Sigh.) Sewing might be a good topic....hmmm. After all, I've told everyone extensively how all I can sew is squares and rectangles. I could talk about how the rag quilt is so easy that even I could do it! Kathy, Jeff's wife gave such good directions. Oh, and it was so funny how I asked a dumb question and she made a whole post out of it! Now my lack of practical math skills are out there for the whole internet to see! :) I am so visual it's pathetic. My sister helped me figure out how to make that duvet cover for Sweetheart. Then she wrote out the directions for me. But was that enough? NO! She also had to sew me a miniature one so I could "see" what she was talking about. It's no wonder I can't figure out yardages.

I could ask all my homeschooling friends out there to give my friend Jennifer some advice. She and her husband up and made the plunge and they will begin homeschooling their 2nd grade son TOMORROW! They made this decision over the weekend (after months, even years of considering it). I think they are so brave and of course I think they are right. He has been asking to be homeschooled for a long time now and they have finally worked through most of the concerns/excuses/reasons that so many of us worked through at one point or another. I could ask the internet to help---tips for beginning to homeschool smack dab in the middle of the year. I'm sure some of them have been there. That would be really great for Jennifer to read.

Let's see..what else? Man, I'm hungry! I need to get up and go get some cereal or something to eat. Supper was so good, but now I'm needing wanting a bedtime snack. I could talk about that delicious supper I made. Oh, who am I kidding? That's like bragging on my knowledge of chemistry. It just ain't there!

You know what? I really don't have time to sit down at the computer anyway. I really need to be looking over what we are doing for school this week. That would be a much better use of my time.

Plus I'm hungry.

So I guess blogging can wait one more day.

(But if you have any advice for my friend, feel free to leave it in the comments!)


  1. I'm so glad Little Bit's tics are gone, but I know what you mean about making sure they're back before the appt. Maybe you could video tape them?? I know that's probably hard, but maybe??? It's kind of like when you take your car into the shop because the engine is making an odd noise and when you get there, they're like "what noise?"

    The rag quilt - I MUST try this! Thanks for the link! I'll be printing it out tonight.

    What other things have you sewn? If you think you're a little behind on sewing, just talk to me about it, you'll feel MUCH better about your skills!

    I don't have any ideas for your friend, but I'd love to hear what others have to say!! Have you visited "Welcome to my Brain?" She seems to be a homeschooling guru. I believe she started homeschooling her daughter mid-school-year? Good luck, Jennifer.

    I hope you found something to eat and get organized for the week, just in time to get some great sleep tonight.

    Nighty night.

  2. Wow. I have to say even though your brain is a scary place, I like to visit. :0)

    And now I want a snack too, but not cereal. I was thinking something caramel-filled-chocolate-coated.

    Or something.

    If your friend wants to email me, she can get TONS of web pages with FREE material to finish her son's year. Just let me know. 'Kay?

  3. That was funny because about Kathy making a post out of your question because I am trying (brain drain here or something!) to finish a post inspired by YOUR comment on my submission post. Personally, I happen to like THIS post that you've written here. It's funny, and more important, we can all relate to it! Cereal for a nightime snack? Are you on a diet or something? For nightime snacks only ice cream (or something chocolate) will do!

  4. Here's a tip for your friend, Jennifer. We pulled all three of our boys out right before Christmas last year, so we did some quick scrambling as well.

    Anyway, I took the 3 R's approach for a main focus--reading, writing, arithmetic. The school let me take home the books/materials that our curriculum fee had paid at the beginning of the year, and then I visited the local school supply store to fill in any gaps.

    The new one on one time was the most valuable thing for me to be able to assess their needs for any fine tuning focus. I talked to and listened carefully to my homeschooling friends' advice.

    By the time our state homeschool convention came around, I had a great shopping list and plan. Fine tuning has continued, of course, but I do not regret the middle of year course change.


  5. Rachel, I ended up eating Apple Jacks and watching House on TV. Guess that school planning lost out, huh?

    Thanks Julie and Elle for the tips for my friend. I can't imagine that mid-year switch but I know plenty have done it.

    And I agree that chocolate makes a perfectly wonderful snack, anytime...but I had been eyeing those Apple Jacks all day!

  6. Hi Brenda!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I thought I had lost all my readers. I accidentally deleted EVERYTHING, then didn't have the energy for a while to get it all going again. I think I'm finally back at it though.

    Have a great day!! :)

  7. Hello Y'all!

    Thanks so much for your tips and prayers and encouragement for the homeschooling thing. I made it official at the BOE and school today. His last day will be Friday and then we go "live." I'm amazed at the peace I feel in my heart that this is so the right thing! Julie, I'll email you soon--thanks for the invitation. (it's a crazy life I lead, ask Brenda!)


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