Monday, February 11, 2008

Sorry For the Lack of Encouragement

I sincerely hope you did not click over here for encouragement today. I am just feeling overwhelmed. I don't really even know why. I like to write encouraging or thought-provoking posts, but I don't have one today.

You've been warned.

I don't have enough hours in the day! We don't get "enough" school done. The laundry is never just done. The house doesn't STAY picked up. The paperwork is never up to date. I work so hard on this house and I feel like I'm losing. House: 1 Me: 0

We have Girl Scouts on Monday mornings. It's not the ideal day, I'll admit. There are a lot of other things we do sometimes during the week. They are all good things, but if we do all of them there is too much running. If we stay home all week we go stir crazy. It's hard finding the balance. I was talking to my friend Leah at Girl Scouts today. Both of us are considering not continuing scouts next year. Well, I'm certain we aren't. I haven't found it worth the time we have had to invest. Maybe paring down activities will help?

I thought de-cluttering would help and I still do. BUT, that is something I have trouble finding time to do. It's like something extra to get done while still keeping on top of all the other things I have to do.

I'm wondering today how people do all this? How do people have clean, picked up houses? How do people stay on top of everything? How do people be wives, mothers, homeschoolers, homemakers and everything? I are all going to tell me that you don't stay on top of things either. But I think you do. More than me anyway. And that's just my mood today, OK?

And lastly I'd just like to say that if I really want to get something done I should get off of the computer, huh?

Whining to the of the many benefits of having a blog.


  1. Been there, done that! It's the "winter blahs" and they can be brutal!

  2. We are sometimes encouraged just to know that we're not the only ones who don't have it all together sometimes. It's okay. No apology necessary.

  3. You mean I am not the only one? I thought everyone else had it all together except me! Whew! Brenda, am I ever glad to have you in my company! What. A. RELIEF!

    It's hard, there are so many plates to spin. Put most of them down except the one where you are spending time with God and the one where you are spending time with your husband and girls. Everything else will fall into place.

    Oh, and I read something just today that encouraged me: Don't do the urgent things while neglecting the most important things.

    {{Hugs}} to you, my friend!

  4. Okay, I should take some pictures of my house and email them to you. I only have one child and do not homeschool. Really, most of us have this problem/issue/concern. I agree that the winter blahs can get to you too.

    I'm glad you're able to post this and get it off your chest, though.

    I'll be praying for you!

  5. Make a day of the 'paring down' stuff. Every Christmas and birthday, go through the old toys and toss a few to Salvation Army. (With your children's help)

    Make a cleaning schedule and follow it. And give your kids chores. Even a three year old is big enough to put toys where they belong.

    That's what helped us, and we moved to the mission field without incident or TOO much overwhelmingness.

    Hope I sounded helpful and not 'preachy'. Love and hugs to you!

  6. Julie--the problem is, my kids already do have chores. And their rooms look good right now. They've been keeping up with their stuff really well. The cleaning schedule? I've tried but it never works for me. What's yours?

    And the paring down day? Needs to happen weekly around here--not annually!! :)

  7. For the last two weeks on bedrest, I remained amazed at how much still had to be done. There was a nasty rumor apparently that Mom was just coming up with these things called "chores." Anyway, at one point, my husband asked if I was recognizing where I was possibly "creating" work? I told him that I could see areas of improvement, areas where I needed to strive for competent over perfection, but I also told him that while I knew I couldn't do everything, something still always had to be done. There is not a point of breaking even for a mom.

    So, I'm with you on the continual quest of decluttering, simplifying, refining, and revising. God is reforming us--it just takes time. May you be encouraged, friend.


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