Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Keepin' It Real: Sewing Lessons

I have a little feature that I like to do every so often called "Keepin' It Real." There was a lot of talk a while back about how bloggers only show one side of their life and it's really not a true representation of who they are, etc. I mean, we choose what to "show" the internet and what to keep hidden. That's just the nature of blogging. In olden days when people kept journals instead, I'm sure they divulged more. Audience participation makes you think twice!

I never meant to be dishonest with you, my readers, but one day I posted pictures of my living room just after it had been cleaned perfectly. It later occured to me that you all THINK IT LOOKS LIKE THAT because I mean, how would you know? You don't know me in real life! (If you do, you probably wondered, "whose living room is that? Oh look! They have the same couch as Brenda!") When I realized that...I posted this. That was the beginning of Keepin' It Real. Someone thought it would be a good idea to do every now and then. I agreed. We need to make each other feel better, ladies.

Today's Keepin' It Real is brought to us by a guest blogger. Is the big bold red text bothering you yet? No? I could do this: Keepin' It Real.

 Meet Rachel from The Other Huse. Mother of one of the cutest babies ever and sewing expert. Or not. (But Lorelai really is cute!)

So it seems Rachel found a pattern for a really cute bag, felt all Suzie Homemaker-ish and decided to whip one up! Sounds great, huh? She was even going to make them for gifts. She had big plans.

Look how cute it came out!
Now--where's the Keepin' It Real part? Well, click on over right here and you'll see.

I love people who can laugh at themselves!!!! If you have a Keepin' It Real moment, I would love to embarrass you on my blog. Just let me know!

And thank you, Rachel, for being our first guest and for making us all feel better about ourselves. That's what it's all about!


  1. YAY!! I'm famous!

    I hate being your first comment, being your featured guest blogger and all, but oh well.

    Everyone, come on over and give me some love! :-) I need it after Brenda beat up on me!

  2. I actually think the bag is cute!! Anyway, I wondered what happened to your "Keepin' It Real" posts. I think they are great.

  3. I should add, that although I think the bag is cute (love the color!), the straps do present something of a challenge in the area of functionality. But she can fix it, right?


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