Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Diagnosis

Well, we had our appointment today with the pediatric neurologist and everything went great. The doctor was wonderful and nice and funny and Little Bit laughed and laughed at his antics. I haven't seen bedside manner like that in forever. (Maybe ever?) As the doctor explained to the medical student who was observing the exam, neurological exams require the child's cooperation. Scaring them to death and observing them scream won't do a bit of good for anyone.
The diagnosis was easy: it is Tourette's Syndrome. No big surprise there. We were pleasantly surprised that he did not feel the need to do any testing to rule out other disorders. We had read and heard all about MRI's, EEG's, and all other kinds of initials, but none of those words even came up. (And thank you for all the prayers!)
The three of us walked out of the clinic just the way we walked in. The diagnosis doesn't change anything. I know I felt relieved that the appointment we had waited 7 months for was over. Relieved to hear him say there isn't anything we need to do. Relieved to hear that sometimes her tics will go just crazy and there is not a thing we did to cause them to get worse. It just happens. And relieved that we have his card and a file in his office and can call if ever we need to.
I do need to tell you that the doctor accused ME of having OCD tendencies! ME! See, nerd that I am, I kept a journal of Little Bit's tics since July. With a 7 month wait stretching in front of us I knew we would forget most of what she did. A few days before the appointment I typed up the important parts and took the journal with me. He said that was "one for the books" and he had never seen anyone do such a thing. I just thought I was being a responsible mom but he said some garbage to the med student about "oftentimes patients who present with Tourette's have parents who have OCD." S thought that was endlessly funny.
So do I come to think of it. Would an OCD woman allow this?

What about this?

Or even this?

Or would she just feel the need to post a lot of pictures to prove that she does NOT have OCD tendencies? Hmmmm.


  1. No, a woman with OCD could never appreciate those precious moments you captured and posted here.

    And glad that your appointment went well. And I love that last photo of your daughter in the yellow raincoat. Priceless!

  2. OCD?
    Concerned mama?
    Glad you got that diagnosis, though I'm sure you knew it all along. Still, helps to have that confirmation.

  3. Well, that is behind you now, isn't it? I am sure you are relieved it is over, as I would be. (I don't like things hanging over my head.)

    Praise be to God there were no other tests to do, no other diagnosis to make, and that the doctor was so reassuring!

    As for the OCD? Well, I think once a woman becomes a mom, she develops OCD tendencies. Because she loves her children so. very. much., she will go to all ends of the earth to help them. Which explains the thorough notes. Which is what I would do, too.

    OH, and I love the pictures! :)

    You are a fantastic momma, Brenda.

  4. You say OCD like it's a bad thing!! :-) I love my OCD and I have lists of reasons why.

    I'm glad you finally have a diagnosis so what guessing game you did have can be gone now.

    Now you can all get used to it and even make light of the situation. :-)

  5. LOL! I notice that all you non-OCD moments are regulated to the backyard.

    You want to impress me, let 'em play with playdoh on the carpet. ;)

    We all have our "tics." The Lord made her perfectly according to His plan for her. The Lord be praised.

  6. Alright GB!!!! I had a picture of the girls in the middle of some activity on the dining room table and Little Bit was even sitting in the middle of the table, but I accidentally deleted it and I hate inserting pictures so I just hit "post."
    But you really can't beat the backyard because you can HOSE THEM OFF when you are through!

  7. Brenda, your family is still in my thoughts and prayers. I'm so glad the official diagnosis matched your's, and that no further testing was needed. As for your journal, I just bet that doctor was wishing more moms were as conscientious as you:)

  8. What a great post! Your children look very happy. :) I was so honored that you visited my blog.

    God bless you!

  9. I am voting in high support of the last sentence. Just a thought.

    Glad you have the diagnosis over with. Breathe deeply now and get back to your notebook.


  10. hi,
    i just found your blog while doing some research on tourettes syndrome. i have a 5-year-old who i think may be showing signs of tourettes. i can see that you have a very busy life, but if you wouldn't mind taking some time to email me and help me to find out if my son has it. my husband just became full-time at our church, and so we don't have insurance. i am trying so hard not to freak out about this...odly enough, my husband did his senior research paper on tourettes, and so we saw a lot of the extreme cases. if you get a minute could you email me? thank you so much for your time.


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)