Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Our Tiny, Little Fishbowl

Have I ever told you that I live on the block I grew up on? I lived in the same house all my life until the day I moved away to college. (And college was only about an hour and a half away.) Came home nearly every weekend throughout college. After we got married, S and I lived in the same city we had both grown up in our entire lives.

But then, before Sweetheart was born we moved to a NEW CITY! We were citizens of a different place for the first time in our lives.

OK, so it was less than 10 miles away. So what?

Oh, and then we moved back to our hometown last year. We are world travellers FOR SURE! (Actually, S has been to lots of places courtesy of the US Navy, but that's different.)

And this is why I am so thankful for the world wide web. A few years ago when I started questioning everything in our life...I found people from all over who had also thought through things. I found lots of different points of view to ponder. I found encouragement to do things God's way.

Frankly, sometimes S and I feel like oddballs. It feels like we are the only family in our circle of friends who think about the things we do. We sometimes feel that people just don't "get" us. But in the blogosphere, that's just not true. And I really am thankful for all of you.


  1. Hang in there. You'll find the Lord puts new real-life friends on your path as you need them. To encourage. To mentor.

    Sometime, though, He does ask us to take the long way around lest we become fearful and turn back.

  2. What makes you think we out here in the blogosphere don't think you're an oddball? I sure do, but I LOVE IT!!!! That's why we're bloggy friends!

    :-) Oddballs unite!

    (that was dumb, I know)

  3. Well, A and I live in the same city we grew up in also, and have never lived anywhere else either. And like you, most of our friends and family, while accepting of us, think we take this whole Biblical view of families thing to the extreme. That's true even among our believing friends and family. I have found great comraderie in the blogosphere as well. So, take heart dear Brenda, you are not alone.

  4. As you know, my husband and I are in the same boat (or bowl, I guess.) It's an especially interesting place for me to be, particularly because I have always cared what other people think, to the point that I would often do what everyone else was doing. Well, there is no room for that, now, is there, when the Lord actually calls you and your family to His standard? However, there is no place I'd rather be, and when I want to be encourged, I go to His Word... and my other bloggy friends in the same boat (er, fishbowl)-- like you! :)


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)