Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Dictionary According To Me

There are a few words I am considering taking out of our vocabulary here at our house. Are you ready?

They are:


and now I'm even thinking of removing this word:


because of this post. It got me thinking. I'm only proposing these changes. What do you think? Can we live without these words (concepts)?


  1. I've always hated that word "tween". Never did use that one. I, too, am trying to get away from using teen and teenagers. Not that they are bad, it's just they automatically tend to imply that there's an excuse for irrational, irresponsible behavior. You know: "Aww, what do you expect, she's a teenager?" I detest that line of thought.

    Now single is one I really haven't thought much about although I have read Kelly's post over at Families Against Feminism. I think I'm okay with that one becasue in my mind single means "unmarried" and that's it. For me there is no connotation of a lack of boundaries or bonds simply because one is unmarried. I see her point, though.

  2. I think that it is more of taking away the "concept" of these words. Generally, I try not to use the word "teen", such as in conversations like, "My daughter is a *Teenager*" (I usually say "young lady") but I am not against the word "teen", per se. It does accurately describe them (they are in the "teen" years) but not as culture would describe them.
    So, I do use "teen" (not tween, I really don't like that one) but not in the context of how our culture uses it.
    My daughter is aware that "just because she is a teen", does not give her leadway into certain behavors or privilages.
    I think we need to focus on changing *concepts*, not *words*.

  3. Terry, you are exactly right. Single does mean unmarried. What struck my from that post was the selfishness that is implied with the concept. That the single years are a time to focus on me, me, me and then we expect our daughters to switch gears when they get married. Unmarried doesnt' have to mean "on your own."

    And Andrea, changing the concept is exactly what I am talking about. I don't want to use these words as the world means them. Of course my daughters will be in their teenage years soon, but I don't think that automatically has to mean irresponsibility and rebelliousness, etc.
    Besides, I don't think any of these terms are found in the Bible, are they?


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