Thursday, October 11, 2007

Keepin' It Real

Bloggers have been accused of being fake on their blogs at times. We only show a certain part of ourselves to our readers and sometimes paint a nicer picture than is actually true.

I just wanted you, my readers, to know that here at The Family Revised we do not adhere to these false practices. I am all about being honest and real with you.

I'll prove it.

A while back I posted a picture of my living room. It was all clean and shiny and wonderful. Here's a reminder:

But I just want you to know that this is NOT an actual representation of our living room. Here is the stark reality of our lives when we have been running like chickens with our heads cut off for 2 weeks straight:

Making my readers feel better about their own houses. Just another service I provide here at my little blog.

Have a great day!


  1. Now that's more like it! I feel much better, thank you! :)

  2. That's such a relief!

    Actually, I thought a profound narrative was coming and I was going to say that I had the same commitment to honesty when I started. Brutal honesty.

    But as real-life friends and church acquaintances started finding me out and Fifi (12 years) started growing up more, I'm learning that some things are off limits.

    I now write as honestly as I can knowing all the time that *her* friends could be reading what I write...about her. Or us. Whatever.

    So, most of my honesty is kind of vague and general now. I try to paint a broad stroke and just get to the point without too many details.

    I should probably make that disclaimer on my blog. I think I just found my inspiration--so thanks!

    btw...if you're ever in San know...let me know.

  3. Yes, I'll see your mess, and raise you a bra thrown over the ceiling fan. (Or lamp shade)

    Thanks for keeping it real. And I would show you MY living room, but I don't think the world needs to see the Prince in his skivvies.

    Although they are brand new.

  4. A breath of fresh air! You're right about one thing: an insecure homemaker wouldn't gain much confidence reading most of these blogs. A spotless house and young kids don't usually go hand in hand. God bless you for your honesty Brenda. Reality set in for me years ago, but I know some young mom will be blessed by this post.

  5. I mean, I really wasn't trying to set forth any "image" on this blog. But it hit me the other night that the blog is all you all that was definately misleading. Who knows? Maybe I'll start a regular feature of "Keepin' It Real" ? Goodness knows I have other dirt to divulge on myself!

  6. Oh, that's a good idea, regular "Keepin It Real" posts. I like that idea! :)

  7. great post brenda! Our bedroom needs a keep it real moment. The living room stays clean because all the stuff is laying around in our room!

  8. I love it! That's something I've been considering lately too... I would never want to project a "practically perfect in every way" kind of image. But sometimes, via blogging, you can write so much of your heart and it doesn't always translate what your living room looks like while you're writing your heart. Or that dinner didn't get made in time and you had to throw something together because you were too busy reading, or whatever.

    All that to say, kudos! You should start a "keeping it real" feature and ask other bloggers to join in. I'd join every now and then! What a blessing to be able to show people what REALITY as a woman seeking after God really looks like!


  9. Brenda - oh girl - I KNOW how this is! My home used to look like this all the TIME before God turned my heart home!!! :|


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