Thursday, November 8, 2007

I'm Returning To My Former Ways

When I was a new mom I was hilarious. I see other new moms and I just have to smile. One of my friends at church recently dropped her newborn's pacifier and reached into her diaper bag, deftly grabbing a snack sized baggie with a sterile pacifier inside. I was like that.

At the hospital when Sweetheart was born my college roommate came to visit along with her husband (also a friend from college) and their 2 year old. Their little girl saw Sweetheart's pacifier and wanted hers. As we talked, her father pulled it out of his pocket, picked a piece of fuzz off of it, and handed it to her. They must have seen our horrified looks. We all cracked up laughing. Then they told us the progression we would soon follow when baby's pacifier was dropped.

Stage 1: Run to retrieve a sterile one.

Stage 2: Run it under REALLY hot water.

Stage 3: Run it under water.

Stage 4: Swish it around in your ice tea glass.

Stage 5: Pick off the fuzz and let them have it.

Oh I'm kidding. I would never contaminate my ice tea like that. It's just that we DO relax as we go.

But I'm returning to my former ways. Well, at least some of them. After 2 days of stomach bug, I got to thinking "Where could I have picked this up?" And then the disgusting VERY FUN pizza place we visited on Saturday came to mind. Why we didn't leave is beyond me. The place is huge and makes Chuck E. Cheese look like a local hardware store. This pizza place was converted from an old super WalMart. It's BIG. And it's only been open for 6 months! But it was so nasty on Saturday. If only I had been carrying a baggie of Clorox wipes like I used to have in the diaper bag.

We now have paper towels in the bathrooms instead of handtowels and I will be packing some Clorox products in my purse. No more relaxing about germs.

We have a birthday party this weekend people!!!! My baby is going to be 4 years old!

Gotta go detox the rest of the house.


  1. Is that your little girl? She is beautiful. Happy Birthday to her! And gald to see that you're feeling better.

  2. That was Little Bit when she was 1.

  3. ok had to laugh at this one...I have four children and I too have been known to giggle at new mom's now and then...I wonder who giggled at me :o)(lol)
    ~simply stork~

  4. I can relate to the pizza place scene. My husband and I have started giving our friends a VERY hard time when they have their kids birthday parties at one of those places! (in a nice way, of course. LoL)

    God bless you with excellent health after the party on Saturday!

  5. I have two daughters, one 16 AND one 4. We pulled out some pictures yesterday and the resemblance is so unbelievable... but where did the time go?! Enjoy the day, the time, and take alot of pictures!!

  6. The pacifier progression is right on! When Lauren was born, each time we left the house we must have looked like we were running away from home. Now, we wing it!!!


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