Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Cooking Progression

When we were first married, I was asked to bring a dessert to my husband's family holiday get together. S's cousin got married the same summer we did and his wife was also asked to bring a dessert. We were 22 and 19, respectively. I guess it could have been worse--they could have asked us to bring bread.

As I recall, his aunt's words were, "You can just pick up something sweet from the store if you like, honey."

And yes. I WAS insulted. I was no Rachael Ray, but I could fix a dessert for heaven's sake!!! As I recall, I spent hours searching for just the right recipe. There was no way I was going to show up with lame slice and bake sugar cookies on a plate or something. I made a jello poke cake (white cake w/red and green jello). It was splendid.

Each year I whipped myself into frenzy fixing more and more complicated desserts to impress the family. I even tackled these babies one year (not mine pictured). I was loads of fun the morning before that party, let me tell you.
A few years later, cousin's wife and I were asked to bring a vegetable. I told S, "OOOH! Guess who has been asked to bring a vegetable!" His blank stare told me he just didn't get it. There is a progression of holiday dinner expectations for a new wife. You start off bringing dessert (or heaven forbid, rolls) and as you age you are responsible for more and more and more until one day you wake up and realize are in charge of the turkey!
Thankfully, that day has not come for me yet. I know some ladies who live far away from their families take this on at a much younger age. For now, my aunts' and parent's generation still take care of the big meat dishes and the dressing. We younger ones all bring vegetables, desserts, and yes, rolls.
I'm pretty happy where I am, to tell you the truth. And even though I'm in no hurry to get there, I still look forward to the day when all the younger family members will gather at our house and I will dole out the food bringing responsibilities to the new wives. Just thinking about S. and I being a PawPaw and Granny cracks me up to no end.
Whether you are on the dessert-bringing or turkey-cooking end of the family progression... enjoy the blessing of Thanksgiving with your loved ones!
See you in a few days!


  1. What a great story! It's so great how you rose to the challenge. Those cookies looked good. I know those aren't yours pictured, but I'm sure they were just as pretty. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. This post made me smile! I love it!
    You make that veggie dish girlfriend and make it with flair!

    We have a smaller family, so I took on the turkey early on, we did Thanksgiving last Sunday and I have to say, the turkey was fabulous! My advice to any new turkey makers- spend the big bucks on the good turkey, I think it made all the difference- I'm no Martha or Rachael!

    Have a great Thanksgiving,

  3. Sweet post. I wasn't invited to Thanksgiving at all. What does that mean? You didn't cover that.



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