Friday, November 16, 2007

All's Well That Ends Well...

Through a series of unfortunate events, our girls are getting a play room. It's a good thing, I just wish it had come about in a different way. It seems a family member was in need and we cleaned out a room for them. And now they aren't coming. It's um, happened before so we knew better than to move the girls' rooms around this time. BOY am I glad we didn't.

The first room when you walk in our house is off to the right. At first it was a home office/junk room. Then, I made it into a classroom. Now it's completely cleaned out. (We homeschool at the kitchen table anyway, so no loss.) So we sound like this, "Mom, where's the tape?" "It's in the offii...classroo...the FRONT ROOM!" We had purchased louvered doors because there is no door on this extra-wide doorway. We are still going to install them because I don't expect a play room to stay all that nice and it IS the first room you see when you walk in our house.

I'm looking forward to gettting the big things out of their rooms. Little Bit has an entire "home center" set up in her room! Through gifts and give aways, we own a small table and chairs, a baby highchair, a play kitchen, an ironing board, and a crib. Whew!!!! And Sweetheart, who has handed most of that down to her sister, has a big dollhouse. Getting those things out of their rooms will make a big difference in how clean their rooms stay.

I hope.

So this weekend finds us rearranging our house. Again.

But it's going to be really great when we finally get done. And, I find that when the toys are in a more central location there is much less "that's mine!" and a whole lot more sharing.

And that's a good thing.


  1. You're right aout the sharing part. And just think, had you not cleared out the room for the guest, you may never havr gotten around to making the play room.

  2. okay I started at your first post and I am just reading... this is Nov 2007... I cannot help but just laugh at you. :)


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