Thursday, August 9, 2007

Teaching Purpose

At church last Sunday we watched this video. This "man on the street" style video poses the question, "What is your purpose in life?"

The answers were not so good. Most people just said something like, "to be happy." Many people had never thought about it. They said they just are going day to day, living life. Still, there were a variety of answers.

I've thought about that video several times this week. I am concerned about so much more than just being happy! Daily I'm thinking about how to help my husband better, how to make my home more orderly/peaceful/beautiful/etc., how to train my children better and what the outcome of each parenting decision might be, what things I need to work on (more Bible study, having a gentle and quiet spirit, my attire, etc.). I'm tired just writing all this!!!

I suspect I'm not alone. I think there are many Christian women who spend a lot of thinking time on these types of things. Our concerns are: our relationship with the Lord, helping and loving our husbands, training our children, and keeping our homes. These are good concerns--found in scripture even. So why does the "man on the street" seem to be so unconcerned about anything, while I am concerned about many things?

In truth, a short question in front of a microphone does not tell us that person's heart. Or their fears and worries. When faced with a tragedy or troubles, then a non-Christian's light-hearted response to life would change.

Even though I have been a Christian for years, I have not always been concerned about these things. I used to just live my life day to day and try to be happy. Even as a "Christian" I did not know what my purpose was and had not even thought that out. Before we had children I found my identity not in being a wife, but in my career. I hung out with friends, my husband, my family, and went to work. Oh yeah, and church. Growing up in church had not made me live my life much differently than the folks in that video. I would have probably said something like, "My purpose is to be a good teacher and enjoy being married to my husband and to do what's right." Oh and I would have also probably said something about using my talents for the Lord. Because I was taught that one very well.

I am thankful that I understand more about biblical womanhood than I did when we were first married. I'm glad that the one guy in the video answered that his purpose was to glorify God in all that he did. As a woman, a wife, a mother--I want to glorify God as well.

Here is my question: Do you think our young people in church today are growing up understanding what their purpose is or will be? Are our young men learning about being husbands/fathers? Are our young women learning about being wives/mothers? What are they learning?


  1. To tell you the truth this question is a bit disturbing... in college, I saw young men and women all around me, squandering their lives, burning out, wasting their time on superficial pursuits, or else women putting all of their time and talent in careerism, forgetting about their feminine calling. Very sad.

  2. Excellent post, Brenda! This was one of the primary reasons we began homeschooling.

    I get so much out of your blog!


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