Friday, August 3, 2007

School Can't Start Yet--I'm Not Ready!!!

I know I promised the sequel to this post today, but really...WHAT WAS I THINKING? It's Friday, for heaven's sake. My head hurts, I need a nap, and who wants to think about such deep things just before the weekend? So, sadly, I am writing this post instead.

I always pictured us "doing school" at our kitchen table, but it really bugged me that there was no storage in there. Everything would have to be carried in and out each day as we needed it. Also, I wouldn't be able to hang anything on the walls because really, I don't want our kitchen to look like that. SO, I began re-thinking our "home office." I say that in finger quotes because it was supposed to be an office, but was basically functioning as a drop station. I had really good intentions of making it an office for my husband. He spends hours each week working on Bible lessons for youth ministry. But, since he has a laptop he really ends up just sitting in his recliner and working.

Now that I was super motivated to create a schoolroom, I got right to work! I pulled everything out of the desk and off the old bookshelf. I pulled the old furniture out and now....

...we have a huge mess all over the floor. I will NOT, however, be posting pictures of the mess like some people. Mainly because that would take a whole lot of engery and I would have to pry the 3 year old away from the Wiggles website (they have games, you know) long enough to download the pictures.

It's all because these wonderful shelves from IKEA are out of stock right now. It's really throwing my whole plan off. So, my dear husband is going to spend his Saturday building some for me. I can't wait to get them in the room! I'll post pictures of our schoolroom when I'm done.

The other reason why I'm not ready for school to start is that I have so many home projects to finish up around here. We moved into this house last September and we've painted almost every room since then. However, I have so many more plans and I know when school starts all that will slow way down! I am so ready for my home to look finished and be beautiful. I don't spend a lot of money on decorating, but it's important to me how it looks.

So, the lesson plans will have to wait a while longer--I'm busy watching HGTV and getting inspired! I'm busy sewing and painting and organizing. Thank goodness school is starting later this year!

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  1. I love this title--it makes me laugh because I can relate! Very much enjoying your posts...

    Showers of blessings...


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