Sunday, August 26, 2007

NOW Summer Can Be Over...

Whew! We have been busy here at the Revised house! Sweetheart celebrated her birthday last week, and then tonight we rocked out with Little Bit at the best concert ever!

OK, we can start school now. And honestly, I'm ready. Fall means getting back on a good schedule, staying home a bit more, and less keeping the girls busy. I can't wait to spend the fall at home with my daughters--and all the holidays and special times that go with it.

A friend told me about a homeschool group she heard about in our area. I was thankful for the information because I've had a bit of trouble finding a group. I know some homeschoolers don't need a group, but since we only have 2 kiddos at home, and live on a street full of retired people, I think it's important for us. So, I looked at the website for this group and quickly clicked off! AACK! It was a co-op with lots of rules and times and schedules and requirements...ok, it all actually looked pretty good. It's just that we don't really need that right now and it made me realize how much I am looking forward to the freedom we will have this year! Later, I found some other options. One of them meets on Monday mornings. I told Sweetheart about it and her face just fell, "But that means..." (She thought we couldn't go.) I said, "So we'll go to that and then finish our lessons in the afternoon." You could just see the wheels turning as it dawned on her what that meant. Yeah, she's not used to this freedom either.

I am truly excited. Tomorrow will be a whirlwind of trying to get everything ready. I know it's not a big deal if every little thing is not done, but I would like to be as organized as possible. So, tomorrow will be teacher inservice day around here. And, if you were wondering why the late start...our local district starts Tuesday as well. We decided to do the same.

As for summer? I feel about the same way Little Bit did on the way home from the concert...
...tired! Bring on the school year!

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