Monday, August 20, 2007

Dean's Not Coming and Thankfully, Neither Are the Parents!

We have been spared. Where I was expecting to be headed out of town today, we have put the hurricane right out of our heads. Mexico will need our prayers because that storm is a doozy. I am grateful that we are home today with no storm headed our way. Some folks we know flooded during Erin, however. That includes the folks who bought our old home (which also flooded during Allison 6 or 7 years ago). I feel very badly for them. I remember all too well the clean up from flood waters.

All storms aside, I am also thankful that no parents will be coming to my "classroom" this year to meet me and drop off their child's supplies. We always had "supply drop off" in the middle of a workday before school started. So for the hour before parents began arriving all teachers were busy stashing piles of stuff all over the room in an attempt to look prepared and organized for the upcoming year. Those piles, folks, they are like rabbits!!! I think I may do a bit of stashing myself if it will mean the room will look better. I am tired of going through stuff! (It used to be our home office--papers everywhere!)

The girls and I are excited about this new school year with all it's freedom. Recess? Breaks? Snacks? Projects? Art? These things are endagered species in public schools. In some places they are extinct. I am so ready for school to feel more like life and less like a job. I am so ready to make learning fun again. I am so ready to enjoy being with my daughters and watching them learn new things instead of hounding them for information after school every day. I am ready to fold towels while my daughter reads to me. I am ready to get out the glue and markers and yes, even glitter and make something wonderful with them. I am ready to decorate the house for Christmas and then be home to enjoy it!

Home and school. I think they are going to go together very nicely.

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