Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Effects of Inspiration!

1. Inspired by my earlier success sewing dresses for my girls, I sewed this skirt for Sweetheart last week. (Love the pose. Thank you, dear). Now you know I can only sew squares and rectangles, but that's basically what this consists of. They are just gathered. My mom did have to help me pin everything together, but I think it came out really cute. I even made a purse from the leg part of the jeans. I got the directions for the skirt for free here.

2. Inspired by all those who have already begun the homeschool year, I have continued to plug away working on our classroom. (We start end of August) The shelves DID come in from IKEA, so my husband did not have to spend the weekend making them. I'm not nearly finished in there yet, but here is a sneak peek. Oh who am I kidding--you're looking at 1/3 of the room! It's not that big!

3. Inspired by the way rooms look on Designed to Sell when they are staged, some pictures my sister found in Country Home magazine, and Sara's pictures (and these) of her old apartments...I am simplifying our home. I have come to realize that "decorating" is not what is needed. Less STUFF is what is needed. I have been concerned about how I will homeschool and keep up with housework, etc. Getting rid of stuff is the answer. Then I can enjoy the people in my life and not have to be constantly dealing with stuff all the time. Moving it, picking it up, cleaning it, etc. I don't think our home will ever look like Sara's apartments (one of which was 325 square feet!) although our house is not huge. That's not what I'm after. But here are pictures of what I've done so far. Sorry, no before pictures but just wanted you to see that they look simple. At least more than they did. I hope. Maybe this will help me keep up with things.

4. Inspired by my friend Karly over at Indescribable Life (which I could have never named my blog b/c then I would have to learn to spell it!) I will be digging into scripture on the topics of godly wives, godly women, godly mothers, godly homes, and followers of Jesus. Want to join us? Here is the post to get you started.

Got lots more to do today! Have a great Wednesday everyone!


  1. Eek, the pressure! Now I HAVE to do it, huh? Naw, just kidding! I love your bookcase for homeschooling! Looks perfect for everything! Love your inspirations! Great pictures!

  2. P.S. I think I will be getting a sewing machine! Your skirt has inspired me! :)

  3. See? Not too girly is it? That means she can wear it besides just to church. She played hard in it all day and it held up.

    And, sorry to put pressure on you! Guess that wasn't the "gentle pressure" you were talking about. :)

  4. Oh no, really I was kidding! That was JUST the kind of pressure I needed. Not to get it done, mind you (okay, a little bit for that reason) but just the pressure to examine His Word and actually put in writing what I think. I am such a novice!!

    Oh, that skirt is so cute! My daughter would love that!

  5. Very talented...
    I love your profile statement. And I loved the way that you aknowledged that He is working on us everyday, but that we have to work at it to. Very humbling. Thank you!


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