Wednesday, January 30, 2013

In Which Brenda Has Insomnia and is NOT Pregnant

Man, the last few nights have been just like when I was pregnant. I go right to sleep and then about 3 or 4am...BAM. Wide awake.

Wide awake and solving all the problems of the world. And worrying.

You name it, I covered it last night. I worried about money, a person who is living in sin that I need to write a letter to about that (wrote the letter in my head--check), Little Bit's sore gums, health, my terminally ill cousin, lack of progress in school...etc.

It's a really tiring way to wake up.

This morning I went with S to a follow up appointment at his new doctor's office. She's very nice and young but she prescribed two things that I will be researching. Not at all sure I want him on those drugs. So that's my next project.

S holding Baby Bee last fall on our camping trip.

Sweetheart asked over the weekend if the Bible said anything about modesty. That question surprised me as I've always talked about modesty with them. Guess its been years since we actually read any Bible verses about it. And now that she's as old as she is, I decided to show her how to study something she is curious about. After our first study time she said it was fun and she really enjoyed it. THAT is an answer to prayer!

Sweetheart playing in the "snow" at Daddy's work Christmas party.

Last Monday, right in the middle of history, Little Bit's tics reared their ugly head. Not just any tics, but the dreaded screaming tic.

Me: So Abraham moved from Ur to Canaan...
LB: Ur. Ur. Urururururur. SCREAM
Me: (thinking) please be kidding

All we can think is that she got overly tired from our fun weekend with the Holiday family. Whatever it was set her off from Monday until Wednesday afternoon. It was a very tiring 3 days. She was exhausted, school didn't get completely done, there were tears. One happy note is that the screaming didn't seem to bother Baby Bee at all. Sometimes she just looked at Little Bit and screamed back. That made us all laugh. And Bee managed to sleep through them too.

We upped her supplement she takes and I think we may have overdone it and given her too much and made her stomach upset. ANYWAY....all that to say...that's why I haven't been blogging.

Tourette Syndrome is more time consuming than regular life.

Little Bit at our church's children's Christmas party. Can you tell I need to upload some more recent pictures???

We broke out our copy of Front of the Class and watched it together. That prompted me to read the book again. What struck me this time I read it was Brad Cohen's description of learning with Tourette's present. It really made me think about why Little Bit is where she is in school.

Baby Bee in the owl hat Auntie Carrie got her.

And in more horrible news: Bee is crawling. Oh I'm kidding. It's wonderful news. She looks so cute scooting across the floor. Boy did big sisters start scrambling around picking stuff up when on Sunday she suddenly took off! Now she not only crawls, but pulls up at the coffee table and gets into everything. Nothing is safe anymore. Gee I wonder why I'm not more productive?

Oh wait. I AM productive.

Just in my head at 4am.


  1. I love catch up on our lives post! My Internet is back on Sat so I cannot wait to blog!!!!

    I was up at 4:00 too, I did not however fix all the worlds problem however I did worry.. I need to talk to you about my current (always comes around cant get rid if it) worry!

    I wished she had crawled on Friday! Love the hat!!

    Sorry about Little Bit... I know how exhausting that is for you and her... Praying things right themsves again!

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