Friday, February 1, 2013

Maybe If We Move Out, Then Back In?

I've talked about this a little, but our house really isn't working for me right now.

Oh don't get me wrong, I'm THANKFUL for our home. And really, I LIKE our home. But our family has changed a lot and our house is not keeping up.

In 2006 when we bought this house, we had a newly turned 7 year old who attended private school at our (then) church. We also had a 2 1/2 year old who went to day care a few hours a day at the same school and I worked part-time at that church as the secretary. S worked where he does now, plus was the youth minster part-time.

So when we moved in this house, we set it up for a working family with 2 kiddos who went to school and day care.

Flash forward to 2013:  We have three children, all of whom stay home 24/7 and homeschool. A mama who stays home 24/7 and teaches them and keeps house, and a Daddy who still works 2 jobs. Only now he's preaching instead of youth ministering. Which means he's home far more than he was then.

And of course you may know, dear readers, that I'm a bit of a re-arranger. I keep trying to find better ways for things to work in our ever-changing situations. Let me give you an example.

1. We got rid of TV service several years ago.
2. We only kept the TV for the Wii and movies on the VCR/DVD player.
3. So all those electronics are in the front room where S has his office and we keep our bookshelves.
4. We no longer have a homeschool room since we found out about Bee.
5. So now I use the TV armoire/cabinet for our homeschool cabinet. It's my answer to not having a room. Everything is in one place!
6. Now when we need to make more room in the front room for S to have an actual office to work on sermons, we don't have any more space.
7. Of course the TV et all should go in the TV cabinet.
8. But then where would our homeschool stuff go?

What I really need is just one more little extra room. Or a big one. Whichever.

Hold that. I actually do have one little extra room.

It used to be my sewing room. Then, just earlier this year, I put the homeschool cabinet in there, but that's in the living room now. Right now this little room has a lot of junk. Shelves we can't fit in Little Bit's room anymore because Bee's crib is in there now. Some of the shelves have things on them, some don't. And also my antique sewing machine cabinet, which I have always had a place for since we got married, is sitting out there.

I guess basically that room is furniture storage right now.

Do we have too much stuff? Well, yes. I truly think 95% of Americans have too much stuff. S built the shelves. His Daddy built one of them. The sewing machine was my grandmother's. It's not just junk I want to kick to the curb.

It's like a big giant rearranging puzzle THAT I CAN'T FIGURE OUT!!!

So either I need a different house, a room added on to this one, or a new idea.

I'm going to go to bed and pray for a new idea. There HAS to be a way to make this house work for us!

My brain hurts.

OK I'm back. I've been walking around the house in the dark trying to figure this out. Everyone is asleep and I'm the creeper who keeps popping into their doorways to stare at the furniture and see where I can put a bookshelf. I've got it figured out except one little bookshelf.

Seriously, can we just move out and then back in? Where is Ty Pennington when you need him?


  1. You are not going to believe this but I am thinking of truely doing IT moving out and back in.We have soooo much cr** mostly my kids that I just want to move it all out paint put in new floors mine are from the seventies and see what the kids actually miss.LucyT

  2. Lucy the do it on those clear the clutter shows! Drag every single thing out in the yard and sort it. Then when the room is so lovely, who wants to put all that back? It's not a bad idea!

  3. Okay I am totally willing to come help yall drag it all out of your house!!! REALLY!

    I have two very large boxes and two very large bags along with some other misc stuff sitting BY my front door waiting to GO OUT of MY HOUSE, I also have the bottom of a king mattress (we no long use), a bed frame we no longer use IN MY ROOM against the wall-- granted I have a big room BUT I HATE HOW IT LOOKS and it makes everything else look cluttery!

    We also have a desk for Kate in my room to do her school work which I have decided should be in HER room but all the pets are in there and there isn't room-- so we have a BIG rearranging job coming up soon! I have room for most anything I want in the house obviously it is more a matter or organizing it right and making things WORK for us!!! Things just DO NOT work for us and it ends up cluttery! SO I have Dave taking off three days later this month and we are taking all 5 days to seriously work on the house!! and the backyard! IT will be hard work but it will be worth it I hope!!

  4. That is awesome! About Dave taking off I mean. Not about the mattress leaning against your wall. :) Where will you fit a desk in Kate's room? I think I may have come up with a solution around here. Goodness knows how long it will work for though. I really wish for a big, long room for homeschooling and a playroom. Why can't we have basements in Texas?

  5. Wow, that was exhausting.


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