Sunday, January 20, 2013

Back At It

We just got home from a weekend away and it was wonderful! We went to see our good friends, the Holiday family, who moved away at the end of August. We got to spend the whole weekend together---kids playing, adults talking----so nice. The drive to Louisiana wasn't bad at all and the girls rode wonderfully in the van. Couldn't ask for a better weekend!

And now I find myself refreshed! (Forgot what that felt like!) I actually feel ready to get back to school tomorrow and work on the house (which we left clean--so nice to come home to!) and just get things done.

But tonight I have some questions for you:

1. HOW is it already the end of January????? This school year is flying by!

2. If you really want your daughters to grow up to be wives and mothers and homemakers--then what should their high school credits look like? Mrs. Holiday and I were talking about that this weekend. College is a great idea I suppose. I encourage the girls to think about "careers" or "jobs" where they could earn money and take care of their family such as photography, cosmetology, etc. Flexible things where they could work part time or from home if they needed to. But if we're serious about raising godly homemakers then what does that make high school look like? Personal finance or stewardship courses, homemaking classes, photography as an elective? What do you think?

3. How do you make a 45 year old house look new(er) without spending an arm and a leg? This is the Year of Fixing Up the House here at the House Revised. Thinking ahead to one day getting out from under a mortgage and being ready to go wherever the Lord should plans mind you just wanting to be not so tied down and, where do you start on that? I mean besides pinning stuff on Pinterest. Ha!

Until I hear from you on this, I'll just resume pinning.


  1. I work on our house one room at a time so I can feel like I'm making progress even though we can't spend much at a time. Kitchens are a great place to make a big impact and can be redone without breaking the bank -- paint cabinets (see Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations), new hardware, update countertops (we're thinking stained concrete when we redo ours, with butcherblock on the island. Usually, I hunt for a look that I like and then google a description plus "diy" :).

  2. 1. I know! Time flies! How is January almost gone?

    2. I agree about preparing daughters to have a way to help the household if needed. The ideas you listed are wonderful ideas for electives. I don't think everyone needs to go to college, if they do want to CLEP tests are a good way to get some credits out of the way. My children are all adopted and we are a transracial family. I am often asked if I am a daycare because people are looking for one. Providing after-school care or some childcare is another option. Business and childcare credits might not be a bad idea. I think ChristianLight, a Mennonite publisher, has some amazing high school classes that are very practical. I can hardly wait for my son to learn small engine repair. Okay, I don't want him to grow up so fast, he is about to turn 8, but I am excited for all he will learn.

    3. Have you checked out the blog Young House Love? I have learned so much from them. They also suggest doing one room at a time and saving up your budget before you begin. Another idea I learned from them is have a basic color scheme of a few colors throughout the house to make it more connected and feel larger.

    Love your blog!

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