Wednesday, January 9, 2013

In Which Brenda Moves Furniture....Again

Try to contain your shock.

We set up the 20 year old crib for Baby Bee in Little Bit's room just before Christmas. She's napped in it a few times. Not ready for sleeping there at night yet although she DID sleep through the night last night!

That kind of cramped up Little Bit's room more than I thought it would so I decided to leave the dresser/changing table in our room. After she's no longer sleeping in our room, the co-sleeper will be changed to a regular pack-n-play and shoved over in the corner for nap time. So, her changing table might as well be there too.

Then I needed a way to baby proof our homeschool stuff. I'm not usually a fan of "move every single thing the baby could possibly get into", but homeschool curriculum costs money. And there's been a lot of time and work put into it.

See, after I showed you this picture of our "homeschool area" earlier this year, we added a bookshelf there by the couch. It was full of the stuff we use every day and full of temptation for a new crawler.

So now we have moved our old TV cabinet, which stores our homeschool stuff, into the living room. (This is where it used to sit--out in the utility room.)

It looks pretty good and best of all, the stuff is all safely put away.

And I was making slow progress in baby proofing around here. Then a friend, who is a doctor, had her little 4 year old boy get into some blood pressure medicine. He was unresponsive when they found him and he spent several days in the hospital. Very scary. And not some yahoos you hear about on the news---friends of ours--intelligent, good parent friends. So that kind of made me get into gear about the baby proofing.

Right now she isn't crawling yet, just rolling around picking up every microscopic piece of fuzz and tiny scrap of paper on the floor.

And taking her socks off every 5 minutes.

But that's another issue.

Learning to be on my toes again after many years,



  1. Why do babies find the smallest little things on the floor? And, why do they take their socks off all. the. time? :)

    I'm not surprised about your musical furniture. :) And, rightly so! Wow, that story you told is hard to hear about, but glad you told us. I find that I'm a bit lax with my 3 1/2 year old because she's well, 3 1/2 and no longer a baby. Thank you for the reminder. :)

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