Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What Would I Do and Shots

The ultrasound on Monday showed that baby is head down now, as she should be. Good baby! There were no other signs that labor would be anytime soon, so I have resigned myself to at least 2 more weeks of pregnancy. I mean, I'm not due until the 13th. Hoping this one would decide to come early is silly. My children like the inside. They are comfortable and never want to leave.

So I figured we could get 2 more weeks of school in. That's what I was planning all along anyway. But mercy I don't want to! I said something about it on Facebook today and got lots of encouragement to take the next 2 weeks off. Hmm. I really thought about it, trust me.

But what would I do?

I cannot imagine how I would keep myself busy for 2 weeks. The nursery is ready. I'm keeping up with dishes and laundry. I've paid the bills. There's daily pick up and weekly errands, of course. I could freeze some meals if I was really motivated.

I thought that keeping the girls on a semi-normal schedule would really help Little Bit. Her tics have increased a bit lately. Routine is her friend. And school doesn't really take all that long. When I whine about it, it's really the same as whining about doing the dishes, or cooking, or picking something up that I dropped, or drying off after a shower. EVERYTHING is hard right now and I'm tired. The End. It really isn't about school so much.

I feel like a turtle as I wander around looking at things that I could do or need to be done. I don't actually act on those things, mind you. I just notice them.
And totally off-topic, I took Sweetheart today to get a 12 year old immunization. They had told me there were three she needed. I researched them (in my new book) and decided to get one today. Then, while we were there, they mentioned another shot she needed that I had never heard of. It was Hepatitis A.

OK. Thank you. I took the information sheet. Would you like to know who this shot is recommended for? Of course you do.

*children 1 year of age
*persons older than 1 year who will be traveling or working in Central or South America, Mexico Asia, Africa, and eastern Europe.
*men who have sex with men
*persons who use street drugs
*persons with chronic liver disease
*persons who are treated with clotting factor concentrates
*persons who work with primates

and the ONLY one that could possibly qualify my daughter for needing this shot

*children through 18 years of age who live in states or communities where routine vaccination has been implemented because of high disease incidence. (Although I don't know that that is true of where we live)

Are you kidding me??? So, my current plan for being allowed to use Dr. Sears' alternate vaccination schedule with this new baby is to switch from seeing a pediatrician back to a "family practitioner." My reasoning there is the pediatrician's office is sort of a specialty and they are really all in your business. They stay right on top of things. Our particular pediatrician's office has been described by friends as "vaccine Nazis." ha!

I'm just thinking a family practice deals with such a larger range of things that they wouldn't have time to worry if my 4 month old is completely "up to date" on her shots. And I liked it when we all saw the same doctor back when we used a family practice years ago. So, that is my plan for now. We'll see how it goes.


  1. Have you stocked up on freezer meals? Just in case you wanted something else to do ;-)

    Interesting thought about a Family Practitioner! Do you know if you are able to get shots separated (like, instead of the one MMR, individual shots for each disease)? My Dr said they don't carry them anymore (of course, we're with an HMO, so it's probably just that HMO's policy to save money or whatever). *sigh* I always feel like the whole vaccine thing is a "lesser of two evils" kind of situation. It's hard.

  2. Had to chuckle about the vaccination nazis. We fired our PCP6 years ago when she and her nurses lied to us 3 times in 45 minutes about vaccinations. Haven't been back since and haven't been happier, medically speaking.

    What a racket that industry has become.

  3. Our son who was 2 in December has never been vaccinated. When I took him to the Dr. I simply said we didn't vaccinate and signed a waiver. We also quit giving our older girls shots. One thing about the pediatrician is they do the growth percentage. I don't know if a family practitioner does. We don't go to the Dr. now unless it's necessary. Praying for an easy, safe delivery! God bless.

  4. we go to a nurse practitioner.my youngest is three and she just asked me at our last appointment if she was up to date on her shots for the first time ever.


  5. it's hard, i know. pediatricians... picking one is like a box of chocolates. you just don't know what you're gonna get. i'll never forget being belittled for not giving gracie cow's milk in a bottle. crazy. ;) so much pressure to go with the flow. a few yrs back, i brought gracie to a pedi to get her tummy pains checked out. pedi was recommended by a friend due to being more flexible with shots. can look her up if you're interested... but i like the idea of a general dr, too. we try to avoid them, but it's nice to know they're there in case of emergency. ;)


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