Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Regret and Success

This year did not really work out as planned. I had GREAT plans for our homeschool year. I just LOVE planning the year. Back to school planning is "the most wonderful time of the year" to me. (Are you singing it?) Actually DOING what I planned is not really as fun.

Anyway, when I planned, I did not know I was pregnant. Hmm. That sort of threw a kink in the plans. A really, really happy kink, mind you.

I was gagging through the first trimester and sleeping. A lot. Then I felt better. Then I didn't. And somewhere along the way, I dropped a few subjects in favor of doing a GOOD job with what we were doing instead of a crappy job on everything.

We have 3 days left of school. I mean, we have to come back over the summer and finish some things up, but still....this is a milestone. Three more days. I was thinking about all the things I planned that we didn't get to. Some of them I regret.

For example, we had 2 science curriculums and I was really excited about them. But we only made it part-way through the books. Oh well.

And our Bible memory started off really, really good but somewhere along the way, it stopped. Oh well.

Those are just 2 examples. If I looked through my homeschool cabinet right now, I would find a lot of other things that just didn't happen as planned.'s OK. And I know that.

So I was thinking about the successes of this year instead:

Little Bit became a reader!

That alone makes the whole year a success!

Sweetheart became more independent!

I give her the assignment sheet, but she orders her days. She does things without having to be reminded (NOT ALL THINGS BUT IT'S GETTING BETTER). She works at her desk in her room. She comes to me when she needs help. She's really grown up this year.

And in spite of all the things-that-didn't-happen...I think we had a really good school year.

Tomorrow I'll share about our Keepers Club that we started this year. Off to get these last 3 days over with!!


  1. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who struggled with school this year due to pregnancy related symptoms! I'm due any time so we will finish our school once the baby arrives and we won't be running to weekly doctor's appointments and such. Yay for having 3 days left! We have about a week and a half left so it's not going to be too bad to finish up once the baby arrives. Congrats on the new little one!

  2. agree! so much better to focus on what 'did' get accomplished. ;) good memories.

  3. wow what if we DONT have a baby to show for all we DIDN'T do! :0(

    Okay-- I was having MAJOR mirgraines and such until Mid Decebmer into Jan! WE moved (kindof twice!)

    Do those count! :0)

    I agree focus on the GOOD!

  4. Happy 3 days left!! I've totally given up on trying to fit everything in within a year. Some things take longer, some things get dropped... we just go along as best we can and enjoy the journey!

  5. At least you've got a great excuse!! I'm still trying to figure out what went wrong at my house this year. (Does having a 3-year-old "little terror" creating havoc during school time count?)

    On a positive note, think of all the money you'll save not having to buy new science curriculum next year!

    Praying you enjoy these last few days with your girls before baby comes.

  6. Jenae--ask me in a few years! That may be my excuse then!

  7. Oh my, my, my, how I remember that year for myself. :) Noah was my first pg while homeschooling. He has also been my first baby while homeschooling. The older boys are 13 and 9 now and oh my word it has been a journey. :) But like you say, a great journey. We haven't bustled through our work like we always did, but I am seeing something else come out of this, things that are even better than pages written on and lots to show for our days. The work has been on the inside of each and every one of us. :)

    I am so excited to see this baby! :)

    Noah will be two at the end of the summer...I am just now starting to find my balance with that "new" baby...and now I am craving a new wee person! HA HA HA!


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