Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Revisions, Revisions

When you pray for the Lord to transform your family to the way He wants you to be.... get a lot of revisions. That's what this whole blog was about when I started. How we went from being a "Christian" family (who looked just like any family in the world) of 2 working parents and some drop-'em-off-at-daycare kiddos, to a one income, stay at home mom, homeschooling, faith-filled family of four.

Now make that five. *smile*

And if that last one isn't revision enough for you, today we are making a decision that will affect our finances, our family, and the future of our kiddos in a very real way. I'm not being dramatic--if feels that far-reaching to me. Such a small decision, really. But with big consequences. And absolutely requiring faith.

So I picked up my Daily Bible and flipped to May 23. It's a section where the Proverbs are listed in categories such as "quarreling" or "truthfulness" and all the Proverbs on those topics are listed together.

Today's category? In the Bible I have not looked at in months?

"Economic Well-Being: Wealth and Poverty."

God is so amazing.


  1. I love that... That is what I am praying for for our family too (for God to put is where he wants us). Amazing stuff! And we are making hard decisions too. I'll look forward to hearing about yours if you choose to share in the future!!

  2. I'm impressed you are making such life altering decisions just days after giving birth. Well done!! :)

    Looking forward to hearing how the LORD is working in your sweet family, should you choose to share. In the meantime, I rejoice with you that the LORD doesn't keep us in one spot-- He continues to moves us and grow us. :)

  3. Oh exciting! I can't wait to hear what it is!! Much love! And I love how amazing He is!


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