Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday is as Good a Day as Any, Don't You Think?

So...at the doctor yesterday everything looked good. And doc and I decided there was no medical reason to induce at this point. (I was 40 weeks, 1 day yesterday) But, we "penciled in" an induction for Friday morning. He will re-check me on Thursday (whew! I didn't want to go a whole week more without being checked) and if things look favorable, we'll go ahead with Friday's plan.

I would really, really, really rather go into labor myself before then. That's the request I've been giving the Lord. But He knows when baby will come and has it all worked out ahead of me, I know. Still, Tuesday seems good, don't you think?

39 weeks...

I was so tired last night I was dizzy. I suppose that comes from being awake from 2-6am the night before and no nap AND that being the 3rd of 4th night of insomnia in a row. So last night--(angels singing) I SLEPT. It certainly felt good.

Every day on my Teux Deux app, I have nothing scheduled. Then the night before I think of all kinds of random things to put on the to do list. Just trying to keep busy I suppose. Today's list?

*find a notepad for recording feedings/diapers (necessary for me in those first few sleep-deprived weeks)
*boil pacifiers
*get a "baby's first year" calendar
*empty bottom rack of dishwasher
*buy ant poison

Doesn't that list just thrill? Of course, I'll do some laundry too. And randomly walk around wiping things down. Oh! And take the trash out!!! Boy--this day is really looking up!

Oh. I forgot one other thing:

*have contractions



  1. Praying for baby to come soon! I always get so excited to see in my google reader you have posted. I think perhaps you've had the baby! :-) Can't wait to hear the wonderful news!!

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  4. Tuesday is a great day for a birth! I'll be praying that you go into labor on your own. I wish I could be your doula too! : )

  5. Praying for a safe birth for you. Isn't it amazing how big we get when we are pregnant?

  6. Sorry for all the comments! Sheesh, darn phone!

    And, by the way, you look super cute pregnant!! So excited for you!!

  7. I remember the week H was born. I had wrapped up school the week before (like you) and I was just dying of boredom & WAITING all that last week until I was induced on Friday. I mean, there was just nothing left to do! Ugh!!!
    And now look - in the blink of an eye he's almost 3 & I'm wondering how the time when so FAST!
    Hope she comes TODAY!!! :)

  8. oh my word he's almost 3??? I need to clean off my fridge cause his birth announcement is still hanging there! haahaaha!!!

  9. If you want to get all high tech for recording feedings and such, I use an app called Baby ESP... it's great! However, it's kind of fun to run across my old nursing notebooks and see the little things I recorded in my sleep-deprived state, lol! Always praying for you! Can't wait to hear the news!!

  10. HAHA! That's funny about your fridge! :)

    There's no diapers left in this house & you know how sad my heart is! But, he's still as sweet as he was on day one & we've got 4 more months until he's 3.

  11. Erin, I thought about hunting through apps but I think I just want to make my own notes. Didn't even really find any printable forms that made me happy!


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