Thursday, May 3, 2012

Since I've Got Nothing Better To Do...

I'm kind of planning for next year. I mean, I DO have important things to do like:

*wait for the dishwasher repair guy to call.
*wait for the kitchen floor to dry. (I mopped!)
*get the girls going on school work.
*supervise them doing their laundry.
*catch the checkbook up to date.
*sit on the couch and wish I was in labor.

But other than those things, I totally am planning for next year.

So...this year was our first year with Sonlight. We like it. We love it. We want some more of it. Sweetheart will be in 7th grade next year and doing Core F.  This year we used a binder system. Really, I did it just like this. 

Only...I don't know if we really like the binders. I like the archive binder, and the binder to keep the Sonlight stuff in...I just don't like the binder for Sweetheart. There's a lot of flipping and it seems full and it's falling apart. It's OK....but.....

Hmm. So, for next year I'm thinking of this. I will buy colored folders. The kind with brads and pockets. Each subject will have it's own color. And a nifty label on the front. These will be stored in a magazine holder on Sweetheart's desk.

Every weekend I will make the necessary copies for the week. Her math pages, her Language Arts pages, maps from Sonlight, etc. Then on Mondays we will have a morning meeting and distribute the copies. I will help/teach her where to put each copy. (In the proper folder.) Like this, though not necessarily with those kind of folders:

picture source
Then, when it's time for a particular subject, she pulls that folder out, does the work, and returns the folder to the magazine holder. It seems so simple and neat. And separate. Like you are really accomplishing something.

Of course, some subject don't have copies. That's OK. Her spelling folder can just contain notebook paper in the brads. Every subject will have a folder even if it's just used every now and then.

Her weekly assignment sheet will probably go on a clipboard. We've been using clipboards for the last month or so and they are working well.

Most of Sweetheart's work is done at her desk in her room. That's why this system seems workable to me.

Veteran Sonlight users...can you think of any potential problems with this system? Am I forgetting something? She has a locker next to her desk where her books are kept. (Theoretically.)

It's the cutest little thing.

Oh! And I'd kind of like these.


And these:

to keep her supplies up off her desk. Don't really want to put huge holes in the wall though. We'll see. That would give her more room to work and keep her more organized, I think.

That's my plan for 7th grade Sweetheart next year. What a change from our homeschool room with whole shelves of construction paper!! Sniff. They are growing up too fast! But surprisingly, I have rather enjoyed not having a homeschool room. I never would have thought that!

OK--anyone have any feedback on my plan? What have you learned that might help me?

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  1. i'm gonna come back to this post next week... we've got some organizing to do, too. ;)


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