Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Nest Progress

I've been checking things off my list right and left!

First of all, since S painted the bedroom and bathroom in January, I hadn't done much else to those rooms. Not a lot was needed for the bathroom.

Some new curtains... (just replaced the middle fabric and with a coupon that fabric was $7)

And some wall art...(which is totally covering bad places in the wall!) The plaques were about $3 each from Wal-Mart and the BEACH sign was free thanks to a scrap of wood from husband's wood shop and some paint.

Then, I just needed to sew some matching embellishment on Sweetheart's curtains. I found pink and green rick rack that fit the bill. "New" curtains for around $7! (Actually less as the leftover rick rack will show up on a different project soon!)

One expense that wasn't all that cheap was a new dresser for Little Bit's room. Her old dresser was part of the nursery furniture we bought for Sweetheart and doubles as a changing table. Little Bit needed more drawers anyway. We got this one at IKEA.

She can only reach the bottom 3 drawers right now, but she'll grow. :)
The old dresser got moved to our room. It will have a changing pad on top. The rug we got from IKEA for $20.

It's already loaded with sweet Little Girl clothes from a friend. Sure hope that doctor was right!

We have some blurry toys ready to go over by my closet. I know they won't be needed for a while, but they are ready!

And the co-sleeper is set up by my bed. I pushed it over for this picture, but we haven't attached it yet. I don't want to have to crawl around that thing until necessary!

The embroidery hoops in the bed are for the wall above the baby bed. That purple and green quilt was made by my grandmother when I was a teen. She wanted to make all of us a baby quilt before she died--and she did!
Here's a shot of the whole "nursery" a.k.a. "my side of the bed." I certainly won't have far to walk in the night!

I also got some pictures hung in Little Bit's room. We are doing her room in birds. This is a puzzle we framed. The puzzle was from the dollar store and the frame I already had--just painted it white.

And on the other side of the room--which will one day be baby's side--an owl picture from a calendar. Again--in a frame we already owned.

That's about it. I will get Little Bit's curtains hung back up today. Sweetheart has several projects for her room but I'm making her help with them so they may take longer. She's really proud of her grown up room so far.

Only 2 months to go--and I have a lot more projects to tackle!!


  1. I need to take notes from you on productivity and finding time and energy to get everything done! It all looks great!!

  2. You're making good progress! I bet it feels good! Our babies always slept in our bedroom too until they were old enough to be in their own room (or with a sibling). I always wanted a co-sleeper. I'm sure you will enjoy using it!


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