Thursday, March 8, 2012

All the New Products

I got the best thing in the mail a few weeks ago! It's hanging in baby's closet right now. I can't wait to use it.

This is one of the cool things about the 8 1/2 year gap between children--there are all these products out there that we didn't have last time!

So since Little Bit was born, I have seen all the cute nursing covers out there. I wanted one if I ever had another child. Little Bit was born in November and let's just say I did my fair share of public nursing because Christmas shopping, it had to happen! I'm all about nursing in public. If your child is hungry--feed them!! But I'm also a Christian, so I'm all about modesty.

My friend Rachel from The Other Huse, sent me this awesome package in the mail:

It's from her Etsy shop Shut the Front Door.

When I opened it, I saw the beautiful fabric she had let me pick out earlier.

Isn't it beautiful? I wanted something pretty and grown up looking. Not fabric that screamed "HEY LOOK! I'M NURSING OVER HERE! SEE THE BABY FABRIC MY NURSING COVER IS MADE OF?"

You understand. And I told her I wanted greens. But then I saw this one and fell in love. It was also important it not be black or dark because summer + Texas + nursing under black nursing cover = sweat. Lots of it.

It's the kind of nursing cover with the boning at the top so you can see baby. Like this one:

Picture source: totally swiped from Rachel's blog

Wait! I haven't even told you the best part! Rachel and her friend who run the Etsy shop are Army wives. Are you ready for the name of my awesome nursing cover?

Mammo Camo

Oh come on! That is hilarious!!

Speaking of camouflage...there is one other thing I would like before baby comes. Maybe after our income tax refund?

Modest Middles.  I know I have the nursing cover, but even for just around the house, it would be nice to not have the squishy middle parts of me hanging out for everyone to admire. Right? These make it so you can wear pretty much any shirt.

Also I have been VERY productive this week! Can't wait to share pictures with your tomorrow!


  1. That's a gorgeous nursing cover! I love having one - no more potential awkwardness in public! I've heard great things about Modest Middles - I have something similar called Undercover Mama nursing tanks, and I LOVE them. I can't even remember how I got by without them in the past!

  2. reeeeally could have used this with ms. gracie! she did not like being covered. made for a couple of embarrassing moments for mom. ha. things surely have come a long way since our littles were little. sigh.

  3. Well, aren't you just a sweetheart! I'm so glad you like the nursing cover and I hope it provides months and months of wonderful modesty for you!!!

    I'm so behind, aren't I!?

    By the way, sad that my store is empty, huh!? ha ha


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