Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Goings-Ons Around Here

I have energy for one big thing a day. Monday it was a doctor's appointment. Yesterday it was grocery shopping. Today--the kitchen. Heaven sakes the kitchen! It's AWFUL. I have no after-supper-energy to clean it up and it shows.

But that isn't your problem, now is it? :) We've been busy around here with the pressure of "oh my goodness only 9 1/2 weeks to go!!"

We got a used pack-n-play from a family in our homeschool group who was having a garage sale. It had been used for 4 kids and in storage so it needed a little scrubbing. Sweetheart needed to earn some money. Win-win!
 But she still needed more money so she washed the car too. The neighbor's tree (in picture) holds a lot of birds. 'Nuf said. Not good for car. Little Bit was washing up the bucket of baby toys for her new little sister.
Found new rugs for the girls' rooms at Target. Neither rug was over $20! Little Bit's is kind of small (just the size of her) but it will do for now. It matches.
 Sweetheart's matches PERFECTLY! Well, it will when we finish the rest of the room!
 We also went to IKEA Monday night and got a new dresser for Little Bit. I can't wait to get it put together (including all 200 pieces of hardware. I wish I was kidding) and moved into her room. THEN...we can move her old dresser to our room for the "nursery." And I really can't wait to get that space ready!

And this was just funny. Sweetheart is constantly reading. All. the. time. The other day I told her she didn't have time to get a book to read with her meal. She sighed and said, "OK" and headed back to the table to eat. When she finished, I saw this.
That would be the phone book that Little Bit sits on to reach the table. She was READING IT! THE YELLOW PAGES! Oh, that girl.

So this post kind of makes it sound like we've been super productive around here. I'll admit that we've gotten more done than usual because of the countdown!! But...when I look in the kitchen and laundry room, I don't feel so accomplished.

But talk to me later today.


  1. I had to laugh about Sweetheart and her reading. That's just like my girls. They will read anything! If I need to discipline them their reading privileges are the first thing to go. We recently bought a used encyclopedia set and they just sit and read them! :) The rugs are beautiful. And I'll say a prayer for you about putting the dresser together! :) May you not have any left over parts!!!

  2. so glad i was not drinking my water at the exact moment of reading about the phone book. too funny!! the rugs look really cute with their new quilts. ;)


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