Thursday, June 24, 2010

Half Empty/Half Full

There's a lot of mess around here lately.....
table mess....

...homeschool room mess.... "get the paperwork piles in order fit from last week" mess....

...hallway mess... mess...

....laundry mess...

...give away pile mess...

...whew. That's enough. I need to find some beautiful things in all this mess!

Ah, here we go. A menu plan. Hastily done, but done nonetheless.

Husband's things all laid out for him to go mow after work. (His second job.) Including a map to a new yard.

The new light in the play room.

Oh, here's the best one. My favorite people in the world.

And they are worth all the mess.


  1. Well at least he got a new yard to mow! That's good
    What do yall eat on Saturday?

  2. Observant! I usually leave one blank for leftovers. It's going to be tonight, turns out so something will bump down to Saturday. :)

  3. Exactly how I have been feeling.I have the same mess going on!It is all worth it!Although it can all really drag us down!I also have the list!Love the last picture!Thanks Marla

  4. I love this post! Really.. I like to see the good AND the bad, it makes me feel better about my life!:)


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