Sunday, July 20, 2008


For months, Little Bit has been trying to learn one more letter in her name (which, obviously is not actually "Little Bit".) She could write all the other letters except just one of them. So, I always had to help her with that letter, and then she could do the rest.

Apparently at some point in time, I told her she could have her own library card when she could write her name all by herself.

And after tracing the letter, making the letter with popsicle sticks, and practicing the letter--I let it go. It just wasn't time. She wasn't frustrated yet. It just wasn't happening, that's all.

Then last week at Grandma's...she got it. It just happened. And the first thing she said was, "NOW I CAN GET MY OWN LIBRARY CARD!" Which she did, the following day.
She has conquered the letter K! Wonder what she will do next?


  1. The good thing about "K" is that it is almost the same in capital and lower case form!

    Which *sigh* has always been a stumbling block to my new writers...

  2. Hooray! I love those "small" victories :-)

  3. GB, I have a little student who only learned his name in the 60 something one-on-one lessons I had with him in a special program. We were both frustrated and one day he asked me, "Mrs. E, big O and little o the same...why the other letters not the same?"

    Oh how I wished they were for his sake!

  4. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! I know my daughter skipped the number 17 for an entire year, NO matter what on earth we tried to do and that is with an occupational therapist help! Finally the day came and she did it, she counted and without thinking said 17!!!! Yeah!

  5. How exciting!
    I am so glad that I stopped over here just in time to see someone first "K"! Yeah...
    Come by and visit me at Mustard Seeds sometime. There's always something going on!!!

  6. Congrats to Little Bit!!

    Learning to conquer something in her own time and not being forced when YOU'RE ready and she's not is a great lesson!!

    Yay for Library cards!!!

  7. That reminds me of the great Arthur book/episode where DW finally learns to write Dora Winifred Read in her mashed potatoes so she could get her very first library card too! Ah, the things that motivate us!!

    Yay for Lil' Bit!!!


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