Monday, July 7, 2008

Hospital Update

Moose came through surgery just fine. It took around 3 hours! I just got home after Mom and I made sure my sister had some supper before we left. My niece was in pain when she first woke up and it made me so sad--she is little to go through such a long surgery. I know the hospital considers it routine, but I don't. Morphine was quickly administered and she was out really quickly sucking on her fingers. She'll be there 2 nights while she recovers.

Now I'm home with three other little girls who spent the entire day with a very tired Grandpa. I sent them outside to RUN and PLAY as soon as we got home. We'll go visit our cousin/sister/niece tomorrow. Thank you everyone for the prayers!


  1. Praise the Lord she is ok! It's always hard to see little ones who have been through surgery.

    Running and playing, however, are valid options for the other little ones while Mom gets her caffeine!

    Enjoy the time with your niece.

  2. Thankful for the good report. Glad you gave an update.

  3. So glad she made it through okay!


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)